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Turkish carpets


Why the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is not the best place to shop. Where can I find a real Turkish carpet. How to bargain and communicate with sellers.

Many tourists vacationing in Turkey want to buy a real oriental rug for their home, which will remind you of wonderful fairy tales about Ali Baba. Turkey is indeed one of the best places to shop for this kind. Here you can find unique products similar to works of art. Some have heard that in Istanbul it is easy to fall for the scammers. In fact, Turkey is a Muslim country in which cheating is not welcome. Another thing is that completely different trading rules prevail here, and you need to know them in order to buy a high-quality Turkish carpet.

How to buy a quality carpet in Turkey

Where to look for a carpet in Istanbul?

You can buy a carpet in Istanbul in different places. The question is how to do this with pleasure and maximum benefit. First of all, Forget about Istanbul's Big Bazaar, with 3,000 stores and over a quarter of a million visitors. When a cruise ship stops at a port and people in shorts, T-shirts and sneakers appear in crowded aisles, sellers fly at them like kites. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is a good place to visit, but not for shopping.

Go away from the hiking trails and look for small shops. This rule is relevant not only for Istanbul, but also for any other Turkish city. If you want to purchase an exclusive item, do not miss the antique shops. They have a large selection of carpets, which the owners lay out right at the entrance.

Important: the price usually does not exceed $ 50 (at the Grand Bazaar for a similar carpet may request 1000). Do not forget that the thing will have to be transported, so buying a 3 by 4 meter canvas is not recommended.

Secondly, do not be embarrassed and negotiate. The seller will show one carpet after another and explain in detail what they are made of and how. Take your time, choose long and carefully. When you find the right thing, the merchant is sure to notice. You can hear that you should definitely buy this carpet. Why? Yes, because the purchase will make you, your family and the seller happy, that is, everyone will be happy. Resisting such ironic logic is simply impossible.

How to choose a real Turkish rug

Turkish carpets - street trading

And still do not forget to bargain (even if the price seems quite reasonable). Many foreigners are afraid of bargaining more than going to the dentist. But if you do not bring down the price, it will be considered disrespectful. Offer half the value at once, and then reduce it to a quarter. If you will be screaming that you want to kill the whole large family of the seller, turn around and calmly leave. Surely catch up and agree to a compromise.

Turkish carpet

In our online store you can find turkish rugs both from natural and from artificial fibers. You will undoubtedly be pleased with the already beloved oriental ornaments and the opportunity to purchase products of different sizes.

It is worth noting that turkish rugs characterized by excellent soundproofing characteristics and high wear resistance. And thanks to the ornament in a variety of styles, these products will never go out of fashion.

Our managers will always answer all your questions. We offer turkish rugs in a wide range of colors.

Turkish carpets catalog

Turkish carpet is a reflection of the cultural heritage of the region in which it was made. The pattern of the Turkish carpet in each district and region had its own, unique in style and beauty, as well as the methodology for the production of carpets.

Carpet production in Turkey originated several centuries ago. The art of making Turkish carpets passed from generation to generation, and the secrets of making the best Turkish carpets were passed down by masters.

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I ordered a carpet, very pleased with the price, inexpensive overlock, the delivery price is also nice. Many thanks to the manager Sofia, I reacted very carefully and responsibly to my business, many thanks to her for this. They did everything without surprise. Of the minuses: Not very relevant information on the site about the availability of goods, I had to clarify by phone, but in general this did not spoil my impression of the company. Everything is great, thanks :)

January 09, 2015 Valentina from St. Petersburg:

Good day! I want to express my gratitude for the delivery of Porcelain tile (Brown frigate edged SG701400R). On December 29, the manager quickly accepted the order, and as it was said the next day at exactly 5 p.m. we were delivered the tile. Especially HUGE THANKS to the loaders Oleg and Alexander! They are great fellows.

August 18, 2012 RandomAVA from St. Petersburg:

Recently bought linoleum in this store. Order? 14204. Price - much better than in our city of Saratov, assortment too. The only two shortcomings in the work of the store: 1. They sent documents to the transport campaign only with the name of the surname (without middle name). So my linoleum got my full namesake (it happens!), Though I returned it immediately with indignation :) 2. There was no insert inside the roll, the roll was flattened during transportation, which could damage the linoleum base. True, he did not receive permanent damage. Summary: Really nice store!

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