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Tips for making a DIY wedding bouquet


In the life of a modern girl, not so many significant events happen, the memory of which you want to keep until the end of days. Wedding is one of such few events. Many girls want everything to go perfectly that day without incident. The restaurant, host and photographer will create an unforgettable atmosphere, but the most important element of the holiday is, of course, the image of the bride, which should complement an unforgettable and fabulous bouquet. We will tell you how to make a beautiful and unusual bouquet of the bride herself and show her imagination and personality to the maximum.

Determine the variety of flowers

When buying plants, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

    In what style wedding will be framed. For the countryside, a bouquet of simple wildflowers, which can be purchased in the corresponding stores, is most suitable, and for a ceremony, it is better to pay attention to expensive and magnificent bouquets of flowers of rare varieties.

What kind colors will prevail at the wedding. If the bride does not believe in superstition, then she can choose the color of plants based on her own ideas. Typically, designers do not recommend using black - the color of mourning. For example, black roses are used only at thematic events that take place in unusual places.

Classically, plant colors mean the following:

  • What time of the year will the wedding be held. If the wedding budget is limited, it is best to choose the so-called "seasonal" flowers. Of course, there is the possibility of delivering a bouquet from Holland, but the price of such a masterpiece will be simply fabulous. It is best to carefully study the flora of your region and understand what flowers bloom in the wedding season. It makes no sense to give general recommendations on this item because of the temperature difference depending on the region of Russia.
  • Color combinations

    An important factor in creating a wedding bouquet with your own hands remains color combinations. Most often, brides choose some neutral delicate color: pink, turquoise, white, but sometimes they want to combine several different colors in one bouquet. In this case, the color wheel will help.

    The bride can go in one of two ways:

      Choose the colors that lie next, for example, yellow and orange or blue and blue. In this case, the bouquet will look harmoniously with the dress in the appropriate style and with a advising color scheme.

  • Choose those colors that are opposite each other - the so-called "contrasting colors", for example, yellow and blue. This bouquet will be very bright and will attract the attention of all guests of the event.
  • Bridal bouquet: traditions of composition and superstition

    Most girls on the most important day of their lives try to follow the traditions that came to us from antiquity. It is believed that with their help you can find real happiness and harmoniously enter a happy family life. There are also those young women who absolutely do not follow traditions.

    In any case, it is worth knowing about them.

    1. Artificial flowers in bouquets have never been used. It is generally accepted that artificial means dead flowers, their place in the cemetery. In the hands of a young and beautiful bride, just entering into a happy family relationship, there should be fresh flowers.
    2. Florists say that flowers have their own language and you need to know it in order not to express the wrong emotions. Rose represents passion, orchid - affection, tulip - sincerity and pure love, lily - gratitude, wild rose - zealous feelings.
    3. It is better if the groom collects the wedding bouquet. Traditionally, in Russia, grooms wove their brides wreaths or made beautiful bouquets of wild flowers. Before the wedding, the young guys presented their spouses with fragrant plants. Such a gift was considered a charm from the evil eye and evil spirits.
    4. All day the bride takes care of her wedding attribute. At the end of the evening, as one tradition says, it is worth playing your accessory among your friends by throwing it up. According to another superstition, the bouquet should go home with the spouses. Currently, girls have become cunning and use two customs. Initially, two accessories are made: one throws, with the other the girl goes to the matrimonial home. The easiest way is to initially analyze whether there are single friends. If there are very few or none at all, then it is better not to throw a bouquet. Traditionally, throwing a bouquet is not a Russian, but an American tradition. In Russia, the girls blindfolded the bride and stood in a round dance near her. The young lady was spinning, and where she stopped, that girl received field daisies, symbolizing imminent marriage.

    How to make a bouquet with your own hands

    Accordingly, a charge will come from him, which will help direct family life in a favorable direction. There is nothing complicated in designing a floral arrangement yourself.

    To do this, you have to decide on:

    • variety of flowers
    • the size of the bouquet
    • the presence of additional decor.

    Before making a bouquet, prepare the most necessary materials:

    Color selection

    There are several ways that will allow you to determine the variety of plants for the design of the bouquet. The first method comes from the zodiac sign according to the horoscope.

    1. Aries are ideally suited for red roses or blue violets.
    2. Taurus should choose lilies of the valley or lilacs.
    3. For Gemini, buttercups or lilies of the valley are suitable.
    4. Tall white lilies are what the Cancers need.
    5. Proud Leo will like juicy peonies.
    6. Asters are suitable for Virgo.
    7. Scales will choose delicate pink or white roses.
    8. Scorpio will suit white chrysanthemums.
    9. Sagittarius should choose the original carnations.
    10. Capricorn will suit red or yellow tulips.
    11. Aquarius will like white orchids.
    12. Fishes should choose yellow lilies.

    Stylists advise in choosing to focus on:

    1. The material and style of the wedding dress - if you create a light and flowing image, then the bouquet should ideally fit. In the event that you have a dense fabric and a strict style, then the accessory of the bride should be as simple and elegant as possible.
    2. Blondes are ideal for gentle and pastel colors in plants, but a brunette, on the contrary, can take risks and choose the most vivid colors.
    3. An aged bride should stay in dark tones, but a young nature chooses lighter and more muted shades.
    4. A wedding accessory should not be bulky and look like an armful. Yet this is a stylish addition.
    5. Going to the wedding be sure to get a strict and classic version of a wedding accessory. Originality and creativity in this case are not welcome.

    The size of a bouquet of fresh flowers

    Oddly enough, but this couple least attention is paid to a married couple, but in vain. Indeed, in fact, even the most beautiful girl will look ridiculous with a bouquet of 31 roses.

    There are some simple ways to help you choose the right size:

    • little brides should not choose an attribute of more than 25 centimeters. Your option is flowers with small buds. It can be wild roses or violets. No matter how you like peonies or lilies, it is worth accepting the fact that this is not your option and it does not suit you.
    • A girl with curvaceous shapes is perfect for a bouquet of classic flowers in round shapes. Crammed with large flowers will be a harmonious addition to the collected bouquet.
    • medium height and standard build - an ideal option would be a cascade. With his help You can visually stretch the growth and make the figure more accurate.

    In addition, pay attention to the dress. As a rule, a wedding accessory should perfectly repeat the wedding attire itself. For example, a lush and voluminous bouquet is suitable for a magnificent dress. If the dress model is long and straight, then the wedding attribute should be from high flowers collected in a cascade.

    What decor is made of

    If you consider it insufficient to make a bouquet of plants only. As an original and additional element, you can add decor. It can be:

    Wedding floristry dictates its fashion. According to her, the accessory of the bride does not require additional jewelry. One of the most popular options is decorating with ribbon. In this case, several plants are collected, the bottom is tied with a dense ribbon, suitable in color to the plants.

    As a result, we get a stylish and original composition. Optionally you can add beads or silk ribbons. Then the image may turn out to be more tender and romantic. Be careful not to overdo it with decoration.

    We select flowers competently

    First of all, you should pay attention to such a factor as the freshness of flowers. Many mistakenly believe that it is better to buy a closed bud, which will then blossom, however, such a flower can only be a core with already torn side petals.

    Another important factor is the variety of flowers that the bride prefers. The most persistent flowers are roses, callas, freesia, lilies, orchids and chamomiles. However, they will not last long if the bride wants to use the bouquet on the stems. The best option will be a portbuketnitsa, which is able to preserve plants throughout the day.

    How to assemble a bride’s bouquet with your own hands?

    There are several options for a bouquet, each of which requires its own unique assembly.

      Bouquet on the stems. This is the easiest type of composition. To make it, you need to buy flowers chosen by the bride, satin ribbons or cellophane, as well as jewelry for a bouquet, for example, in the form of beads. All plants come together, their stems are cut and wrapped in satin ribbon or cellophane. Such a bouquet very quickly becomes worthless, therefore, during the event itself, it should be kept in hands as little as possible.

    Bouquet on the wire. The peculiarity of this bouquet is that before assembly, each flower is fixed on a wire, and its stem is cut to the required length. After that, the bouquet is collected, like an ordinary one, and its leg is wrapped with a satin ribbon. This version of the bouquet looks very beautiful, but it takes a lot of time and patience to create.

    Bouquet with the use of portbuketnitsy. The most popular version of the bride’s wedding bouquet with her own hands recently. It belongs to the so-called "European style" and is characterized by simplicity and convenience. Its manufacture takes several hours of time and consists of the following stages:

      Portbuketnitsa is a foam ball on a plastic base. If desired, the bride can paste over her base with stems, if she wants to create a feeling of naturalness, or immediately use a satin ribbon. For gluing stems, it is best to use double-sided tape. The upper part of the portbuketnitsa can be pasted over with leaves.

    Foam ball need to be moistened with water - this will enable the bouquet to maintain freshness throughout the day. Do not use too strong a stream of water, as it may be damaged. The moistened ball must be inserted back into the base and the cover secured. For reliability, you can attach it with wire.

    The stems of the flowers for the bouquet should be cut to 5-6 centimeters, the bark peeled off. Ready-made buds are simply "pressed" into the ball. Heavy elements of the bouquet are best additionally fixed with wire. The buds should fit snugly together so that the composition does not fall apart.

  • Smaller flowers and bouquet decorations are installed last.
  • To a bouquet with portbuketnitsa must be special throughout the wedding day: it must not be laid horizontally or thrown, as the flowers may fall out of the composition.

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    How to make an artificial bouquet-understudy for the bride from satin ribbons with your own hands

    Recently, brides have been thinking about creating a bouquet not of natural flowers, but of satin ribbons. This option allows you to save the bouquet for many years after the wedding and even pass it on to descendants. It is very convenient to use this option as a winter bouquet of the bride, made by hand. Flowers will not freeze, and the bouquet will not lose shape.

    To make such a bouquet, you need to buy:

    • About 15 meters of satin ribbons, 50 millimeters wide,
    • Openwork lace
    • Large and small pearls or plastic beads,
    • Foam or foam ball,
    • Stamens with pearls or white beads at the end,
    • Sticks
    • Wire,
    • Glue,
    • Nippers
    • Scissors

    Step-by-step instructions for creating a bride’s bouquet with your own hands with a photo:

    Accessory role

    Bouquet is an essential accessory for any bride. It complements the image, makes it more gentle, chaste.

    Attention! The bouquet is collected from a wide variety of flowers and plants, it can be lively and artificial, of any color, size and content, and in some compositions flowers are not used at all.

    Some girls prefer to order a bouquet from wedding florists (read here how to choose a real professional). Someone collects in advance and from artificial materials. But there are also craftsmen who create a wedding bouquet with their own hands.

    How to choose by style

    When choosing the components of the composition, it is very important to consider what style of wedding is planned, what colors are used in the design, seasonality of colors and their resistance to weather conditions.

    1. For weddings in a rustic style, country, hippies, it is better to pay attention to wildflowers, which are successfully cultivated in greenhouses along with garden ones.
    2. For a magnificent celebration, bouquets are made to match - expensive, richly decorated, with exotic flowers.
    3. For unusual, themed weddings, unusual accessories are also made up - you can find everything in them: from lotus flowers, to succulents, cotton bolls and feathers.
    4. For a classic wedding - even, “sleek” compositions with classic colors.

    Wedding steward

    The bride’s wedding bouquet can be created with your own hands or you can turn to florists for professional help.

    Elena Sokolova

    Zinaida Gudkova

    Before you think about how to assemble a bride’s bouquet with your own hands, you need to determine the type of composition. Different options are possible.

    1. On the stems. The classic version, with a spiral assembly. Flowers are picked and tied with a ribbon.
    2. At the portbuketnitsa. Such an accessory well tolerates the whole wedding day, since the base of the portbuketnitsa consists of a sponge that is pre-soaked in water.
    3. On the wire. Each flower is attached separately to a wire, at the top of which there is a separate reservoir with liquid, and then assembled into a common composition.

    Useful video: master class on creating a cascading composition

    Cascading compositions are very popular with modern brides. He will not require serious skills and unusual materials. How to create a bride’s bouquet with your own hands step by step, you can see in the video below:

    A DIY wedding bouquet is created from the following materials:

    • oasis (porbuketnitsa),
    • white roses, freesia and eustoma,
    • greens: ruscus and bergrass,
    • soft transparent wire,
    • secateurs
    • satin ribbon,
    • pearl beads
    • transparent glue.

    Do-it-yourself wedding bouquet is assembled step by step as described below.

    1. To begin with, we will install the portbasket in a convenient position for work. To do this, a high vase that holds the oasis in an upright position is suitable.
    2. We take three roses with the smallest flowers, or buds. We cut the leg at an angle so that it is convenient to insert it into the oasis. Wrap the edge of the legs with wire. These three roses will be the base of the entire cascade.
    3. We insert the roses into the oasis from the bottom up, at an acute angle. We fix the wire inserted with the legs on the other side of the portbasket. This is necessary so that the flowers do not fall out under their own weight. Roses located in the cascade should be located asymmetrically.
    4. The remaining few roses are also asymmetrically inserted throughout the oasis ball. To do this, cut the entire stem, leaving a stem, 6-7 cm long.
    5. The free space between roses is filled with freesia flowers. A flower in a portbuketnitsa can be stuck 1 time. If you unsuccessfully placed it, you will have to make a new hole. The oasis material is fragile.
    6. To the cascade of roses we add long (along the length of the cascade) branches of ruscus. Since the greens are lightweight, wire fastening is not needed. Just stick the branches, like roses - from the bottom up. We insert several separate short branches of Ruscus throughout the composition, among roses and freesias.
    7. We also insert eustoma inflorescences from the bottom up into the cascade, filling the space between the roses.
    8. We string the beads onto the wire, scatter them in separate drops and fix them throughout the composition.
    9. The leg of the portbuketnitsa is glued on the edge with ruscus leaves, the rest of the space is decorated with a satin ribbon. Now you know exactly how to make a bride’s bouquet with your own hands.

    Important! Flowers in the oasis are not fixed by anything - therefore, it is better to keep a simple bouquet of the bride, created by yourself, vertically, or put in a vase. Подробнее о букетах на портбукетницах читайте вот в этой статье.

    Каким должен быть букет невесты

    С учетом возрастных категорий букет невесты нужно выбирать так:

    • For a mature bride, not only bright colors in a wedding bouquet are acceptable, but also an unusual design. Custom shape of the bouquet, for example, or the exotic content of the bouquet.
    • A young bride will face a bouquet composed of delicate shades and traditional flowers. But this is not the only criterion.

    Of course, you should take into account the desire of the bride and her idea of ​​what should be the main bouquet in her life. An important point in the preparation of the wedding bouquet is the theme of the wedding plot and the design of the decoration of the premises in which the main celebrations will be held.

    It makes sense to consider the time of year in which the wedding is planned. After all, a winter wedding bouquet and a summer wedding bouquet can be beaten according to the season and thus harmoniously fit it into the image of the bride and groom.

    Ideally, when everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and even the bride’s bouquet, harmonizes with the surrounding space.

    Wedding Bouquet Form

    1) The most common at weddings is the round shape of the bride’s bouquet. This is perhaps the best choice. Nice looking and mood-appropriate form harmoniously fits into the format of the event.

    A round wedding bouquet is traditionally made of roses. Can be used in a variety of colors of various shades. At the base of the bouquet, a special sponge soaked in moisture is used, which allows the flowers to maintain a fresh look throughout the solemn day.

    2) In a cascading bouquet, it is customary to pick up flowers that have a long stem.By twisting them together, you can make a bouquet cascading down to a height of one meter. The bride should hold this bouquet with both hands, lowering them. The cascading bouquet also acts as a kind of decor for the wedding dress.

    3) There is a kind of “basket” bouquet, which is now not as common as before. It uses fresh flowers and outwardly it should give the impression of a flower basket. This form can be applied in our time in the subject of rural weddings. A basket basket filled with wildflowers and herbs will look very organic with the surrounding landscape.

    4) A simple bouquet was often found at weddings in the last century, when our mothers and grandmothers got married. Flowers, usually of one variety and one or two shades, were selected in the bouquet. In the bouquet there could be any odd number, and they were tied with decorative ribbon. The bride wore such a bouquet along her arm, reclining.

    5) There is also a type of bouquet in the form of a drop. Technically, this is a drop-curved wire braided in flowers. In the upper part of such a bouquet, larger flowers are used, in the lower - smaller ones.

    6) A bouquet in the form of a clutch is worn on the hand. This bouquet has a functional eyelet. She is needed in order to free her hand. The bride at the right moment simply puts a loop on her finger and the palm becomes free, and the bouquet is clearly fixed and will not go anywhere.

    7) The last peep today, these are bouquets such as glamelia and limemelia. This is one large bud and is made up of individual petals. Glamelia is created from the petals of gladiolus, and lilymelia from the petals of lilies. The cost of such a bouquet is much more than the cost of other types of bouquets.

    How to make a wedding bouquet with your own hands

    The main essence and complexity is to make a harmonious bouquet, something special, with a twist.Everything else is a technical point that is not difficult. You don’t need anything special, except for a little time. But you will get an inexpensive bouquet, moreover, made by yourself!

    This sponge is called an oasis and is inserted into the special base of the bouquet, the so-called microphone, which, in fact, serves as a frame. So:

    1. The frame foot must be glued with double-sided tape and decorate with the material that you have chosen for the exterior finish of the legs. It can be either a ribbon or stems of fresh flowers, imitating them. The stems should be additionally fixed with floristic wire.

    2. It is further important to glue the upper part of the base of the bouquet with double-sided tape. This will allow us to decorate this area and prevent moisture from seeping out of the oasis. This part of the frame can be decorated with green flower petals. They, by the way, are sold separately at the flower shop. To make the petals look organic, they can be glued in a checkerboard pattern.

    3. After pasting the upper part of the frame, you need to wrap the stalk in the second circle with the stems to close possible gaps between the stems. And once again secure with floristic wire. Thus, you get a more realistic bouquet. To prevent the wire from scratching your hands, you need to bend its ends inward.

    4. Then, you need to take a decorative ribbon, wrap the handle and make a bow. To fix the end of the tape, you can grab it with double-sided tape. Then proceed to the main element - directly to the bouquet itself.

    5. First, you need to soak the oasis by immersing it in a container of water. It is impossible to direct a stream of water to the oasis, it can damage its fragile structure. Having soaked the oasis with water, it must be installed in the base of the frame.

    6. The upper cover of the frame is additionally fixed with a floral wire.

    7. Stems with buds need to be cut to a length of 5-6 centimeters. Start installing in an oasis, forming a bouquet heading. Install a flower in an oasis by simply pressing the stem into it. In this process, care is needed so as not to damage the bud.

    The formation of the cap begins with the central bud and then in a circle around it, trying to set flower by flower so that the buds are pressed as close to each other as possible, and there are no gaps between them. Gaps will spoil the appearance of the bouquet. The last circle of buds will be installed almost horizontally.

    8. If desired, small bush flowers can be added to the bouquet, installing them at the base in the same way.

    Whatever form and content you would choose, the process of making it is about the same. All of them have a frame - a base on which the whole decorative part of the bouquet is actually assembled. The difference between a living bouquet and an artificial one is that an oasis is set in the frame - the basis for a live wedding bouquet, which nourishes fresh flowers with moisture during the celebrations.