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Disabling the three iOS features that you probably used unless by accident

With the release of Appleā€™s iOS 9, a split-screen for iPad and picture-in-picture video have appeared. Since then, these features have been confirmed in future iOS releases. If you are trying to print an essay in Pages. Or Docs while researching in Safari, you can do this. Or if you are trying to catch up. In your favorite TV shows, viewing income reports, you can do this too.

They are especially useful for the iPad Pro with its gorgeous and exciting 12.9-inch retina display. Please note that this feature is not available on older iPads.

How to enable iPad multitasking for performance

Using split screen in applications

Make sure you are using a supported device. It should be iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4. Or iPad Pro or later. Start by switching your device to landscape mode. Since split screen mode only works with applications that support landscape orientation.

On the right side of the screen, drag one finger to the left to open the application selection sidebar. Scroll and click on any application that you would like to use. And click to the left of the application that slipped out to transfer it to the split screen. Again, note that not all applications support split screen. I use this feature extensively with Safari and Notes. To record information using my Safari tabs. As a reference for what I am writing.

In a view with a retractable image, and not on a split screen, are still in use. For example, you can reply to a quick message without leaving the application, in which you were already completely. Just slide the right side of the front panel. Tap iMessage, tap the transcript of the message you want to reply to. And touch the text box to bring up the keyboard.

Using split screen mode in Safari

Need to compare sources or prices of products online? Easy. As before, start in landscape mode. To open another tab in split screen mode, create a new tab. And then click and drag it to the left or right of the screen. Drop it, and now you are in split screen mode. Or click and hold the link in Safari, then click "Open in split view."


For this feature, you will need iPad air, iPad Mini 2 or later. As we did earlier, open the sidebar for selecting apps and select a video. Or, if you are watching a video online, find the picture-in-picture icon next to the progress bar. Click on it and then drag the video across the screen to where it fits best. Remember that not all web videos are compatible with image in picture.

There will be a scroll bar to track the progress of the video. However, you will not be able to interact with it or drag the video. You can also pinch to enlarge the image.


Apple has paved the way for innovative technologies over the years, especially on iOS. These functions are no different. With each release of the iPad, we see the opportunity to see more and do more with our content. And the split screen makes iPad performance a more viable way to get things done. Users have been asking for multitasking for years, and Apple has finally achieved significant results. Who says multitasking doesn't work?