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How to dress fashionably for a girl in school is a matter of concern to many teenagers. After all, a school in a person’s life takes a long period of time and plays an important role.

There he receives new knowledge, information about how to behave in society, interpersonal skills and learns to make first independent decisions. Including these decisions concern the choice of school clothes.

How to get dressed in school: clothes for children and teenagers

The first bells rang in schools: before all children who were six years old, as well as passed by their parents, the question came to the fore: what to wear to school. The uniform uniform school uniform with brown dresses, guipure black and white aprons with “wings” remained in the history of the Soviet Union. Fashion for schoolchildren by designers is now considered as an independent direction of the Fashion industry. Modern clothes for babies and high school students are convenient and practical things that combine in elegant ensembles and determine the mood of the child. The desire or lack thereof, with which the students go to school, directly depends on this.

Clothing should first of all be comfortable: children at their desks have to spend up to 7 hours a day in any weather. Therefore, in the first place, you should pay attention to fabrics: the higher the content of natural fibers in the composition, the more comfortable the child will be. Cotton is the ideal material for children's clothing, and knitwear is also absolute freedom of movement. Turtlenecks, longsleeves, polo shirts, sweatshirts have long become familiar subjects of the school everyday ensemble.

How to dress a teenager in school?

High school students, as a rule, have already formed a taste and have their own style. How to dress a teenager in school, taking into account the latest fashion trends? The most relevant youth Fashion look now is the elegant Smart Casual. At the height of fashion, the correct images characteristic of students of prestigious English schools. The basic wardrobe is built on the classics: a single-breasted shortened jacket of an adjacent silhouette is now included in the women's and men's suits.

How fashionable to dress a girl in school

How to dress in school fashionable and stylish for a girl and a teenage girl? Designers recommend straight plain skirts and plaid with wide pleats, 4-5 cm above the knee, feminine blouses with fluffy sleeves and ruffles, thin long sleeves and turtlenecks. Snow-white school blouses solve the question: how to dress a teenage girl 100% beautifully and stylishly in school. Light silk, ruffles, frill, guipure, sleeve "flashlight" - all models are very elegant and attractive.

The stylish trend is a sundress or a sleeveless dress made of fabric with a Windsor cage.

  • straight and semi-adjacent silhouette
  • cutting-off models along the waist line with a flared or pleated “bottom”,
  • cutting models along the hips with a straight skirt and a decorative belt.

How fashionable to dress a guy in school

How nice and stylish for boys to dress at school?

  • straight and skinny pants
  • shirts with small collars and turtlenecks in white or pastel shades,
  • fitted jacket of deep blue, green, burgundy, chocolate or black,
  • vest in a small monochrome cage.

An important role in the question of how to dress a guy in school is played by shoes and accessories. The costume will not be complete without an elegant tie, it is necessary: ​​Oxford or Derby shoes, Chelsea boots.

How to dress beautifully in school: children's fashion

The English style is pronounced in children's clothing. He gives fashionable ensembles a special charm, turning kids into young ladies and dandies of noble birth.

For girls, cutting-off sundresses along the hips line, with a pleated skirt or deep warehouses are the most relevant. Put them on over thin blouses, and in the cold season with warm turtlenecks.

  • for younger schoolgirls - tight trousers or pleated skirts in an ensemble with elegant short jackets,
  • older students - pleated plaid skirts, vests, semi-adjacent plain jackets.

Boys in the new season wear dark blue classic costumes. Pants are straight or slightly narrowed, jackets fasten with one or two buttons. A vest is an indispensable element in the school ensemble, and the final accent is a “Harvard” tie or “bow tie”.

Fashion trends: what to wear to school

How to dress stylishly in school in the new season:

  • priority colors: black, deep blue, chocolate, burgundy, dark green, diluted with pastel shades,
  • fashion pattern: windsor and scottish cage,
  • Accessories: bow ties, frill, lace collars, architects, hairstyles and hoops.

How to dress in school is fashionable and stylish for a guy and a girl, depends on the dress code of the school. If strict rules do not exist, City Casual ensembles are actual things for study and an informal atmosphere. Black and dark blue jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts and bomber jackets are fashionable and practical clothes in which children and adolescents will feel confident not only within the walls of the educational institution, but also outside it. Denim and cotton knitwear - comfort at any time of the year: from the first to the last call.

Dress fashionably in school - instruction 1

The decision to choose clothes for going to school can be influenced by parents, fashion and, finally, their own concepts of beauty. Parents' advice should be followed, but fashion is a capricious and fickle lady.

In addition, not everyone knows how to beat fashionable things so that they are unique and fit the figure.

Instruction 4

Do not consider such a choice boring. Complemented with unique accessories, classic clothing will make you an original and fashionable girl. For a white blouse in combination with dark classic trousers or a skirt, you can always pick up a lot of interesting things that will make your look stylish and, most importantly, interesting.