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How to download (upload) movies to iPad, iPod or iPhone

  • - iTunes installed on the computer,
  • - USB cable
  • - converter program.

Downloading Xilisoft Converter Ultimate from the Internet is preferably “cracked”, otherwise only the first three minutes of the video will be converted.

If when downloading a video to the player it gives an error, delete the file from iTunes and try to convert the desired video again to the PC. Then reload the clip into the player and turn it on.

  • Download Xilisoft video Converter

The content of the article

Some believe that using mobile devices to view videos is inconvenient, including the iPad 2, but these people are very mistaken. This is primarily due to the fact that the screen of the iPad 2 is large enough, which means that the user does not have to strain his eyesight to see this or that picture. Sometimes there may be problems associated with the playback of a particular video format, because the iPad 2 can not play absolutely all formats.

Supported iPad 2 Formats

For some people, the iPad 2 is almost the only way to watch videos, for example, on the go. In this regard, before downloading a video to the tablet, you need to know its format. IPad 2 supports: .m4v, .mp4, .mov. Among these video formats, .mp4 can be called the most popular and famous, since it is used on most mobile devices. It should be noted one more important nuance, which is that the iPad 2 can play high-resolution video (Full HD), which have a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

The way out of a difficult situation

It is worth saying that the user, if desired, can expand the number of playable formats on the iPad 2 using special software - media players. Among the most popular are: Good Player, AVPlayer HD and Ace Player. Thanks to these programs, the user has the opportunity to view videos that have the format .avi or .mkv, which today are considered one of the most popular.

There is another way out - using the capabilities of the video converter. Thanks to such software, the user, using a personal computer, can change the video format to one that initially supports the iPad 2 (for example, .m4v, .mp4 or .mov).

For example, you can use the Movavi converter, which allows you to convert almost any video format to a supported iPad 2. Today it supports more than 180 formats, and if you wish, the user can manually set any specific video parameters.

In addition, you can use the Free AVI Video Converter program, which also allows you to change the video format (about 40 different formats are supported, but at the same time, the program has extensive capabilities for adjusting video parameters). Unlike the previous version, the interface of this software is quite understandable, which means that anyone can cope with it.

Method 1: iTunes

There are several ways to upload video to an iPad, iPhone or iPod, but we will start from the simplest using iTunes.

Install iTunes if you have not already installed it, which is unlikely when you consider that you use Apple gadgets. The latest version can always be found at If you have OS X, then iTunes is already installed by default.

The first thing you need to do is prepare the videos for download. Alas, Apple gadgets by default can only play files in MP4 format, packaged in an M4V container (.m4v file resolution). If you suddenly have the original file format, then you should use any converter that is convenient for you to reformat the video to MP4. For example, Free MP4 Video Converter or even an online service. At the output, you should get a file with a resolution of m4v or mp4.

Create a folder in which to put our videos. Then, accordingly, we move the finished videos in MP4 format (.m4v or .mp4) there