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How to make a torch in Minecraft


This article describes how to craft a torch in Minecraft. Information is provided on where to get items for creating different types of torches - from coal or redstone (red dust).

A lot of players with the onset of night in the game are interested in the issue of lighting. There are several ways to light your home and its surrounding area, and one of them is to create a handy tool. Actually, further all players can learn how to make a torch in Minecraft, and why it is needed. It is worth mentioning right away that this subject is well suited for lighting, since the resources for its creation are quite accessible, and the lighted area is large enough for a typical refuge in the game. Moreover, there are several varieties of torches, so it will not hurt to find out how to craft each of them so as not to disappear in different game situations.

Ordinary torch

Start with a simple one. Creating a traditional torch from improvised resources is not difficult, and therefore it is so in demand by the players. At the beginning of the game, you need to think about how you can defend yourself from hostile creatures and survive. The first thing that comes to mind is the construction of a shelter or a full-fledged dwelling. It must be constructed, equipped from the inside and illuminated. This is where the standard torch comes in handy. This tool has several purposes.

The most obvious is the lighting of your house, the caves you are exploring, the creation of adverse conditions for enemy creatures and the disposal of water and lava. Craftsmen in Minecraft even use a torch to get a supply of air while under water, so this item should not be underestimated. To create a torch, you will need a stick and coal. The following describes where you can find the right ingredients for crafting.

Material Search

As mentioned earlier, to create a torch, you need a good supply of sticks and coals (if you are going to a cave or have an extensive house). Where can you find these resources in the game world?

The vast and diverse world of Minecraft is filled with different cubes and objects. Finding a specific item can be difficult for a novice player, so you should be prepared to learn new things about this game universe. However, the recipe for creating a torch is not difficult for a beginner, which is justified - without it, survival in the game would be somewhat inferior and dangerous.

You can get a stick by working with wooden blocks. This resource is available in most biomes where there are growing trees, so difficulties in finding it almost never arise in the initial stages of the game. All you need to do is break up several wooden blocks, activate the inventory, put the extracted material in one of the four cells, and you will get boards. They, in turn, need to be moved to the place where you placed the logs to create sticks from them. Pretty simple recipe.

The next ingredient is coal. There are several ways to get it. This is the creation of a block from existing materials, the search for ore in caves or chests of treasuries. All these methods are different from each other and it is worth choosing the easiest and most affordable for you at the moment. What needs to be done in order to obtain coal?

One way is to get coal ore. This block is broken by any kind of pickaxe and one unit of coal falls out of it (in the case of an unenchanted tool). This is the easiest and most improvised method in situations when you went to search for precious materials in the cave. Just collect coal blocks along the way, so as not to be left without lighting.

Another way is to mine coal by burning a wood block. To do this, you need to create a stove, place several blocks of wood in it in the section of combustible material and fuel for it and wait for the process to finish. Coal can also be found in treasures (in chests on the railway). After gaining access to the necessary resources, craft a torch by placing coal on top and sticks on the bottom. From one coal, four torches are obtained.

A bit of poetry

From poetry to business. A torch in Minecraft is a block that emits light. You can install it on a whole opaque block, but only on top or side. It is used primarily for lighting, which logically follows from the definition. But with it, you can stop the spawn of unfriendly mobs. And at night, the “lamp” is suitable for spawning friendly mobs.

Interestingly, the torch in the Minecraft world is an object that allows (along with sand or gravel) to craft, the so-called airlock. This is such a structure that, in the event of a threat of flooding, prevents water from entering the room. The torch has a curious feature: it does not allow a block of bulk material to fall if it (the block) is standing on top. In this case, if our source of flame is removed, gravel or sand will fall. Various airlock schemes are based on this principle. And if you think carefully, you can figure out that traps can be done in the same way.

Where else is the lamp used? If snow and ice do not please your eye, making you shiver chilly, the torch can quickly make it “global warming”. It may be that light from the flame of the hero of our article will not be enough for you. Then this very hero is just what you need to craft a powerful light source - Jack Lamp. By the way, the latter does not go out even under water, which automatically makes it an indispensable assistant in exploring the underwater world of Minecraft.

Red dust torch

One of the features of Minecraft is to create a red torch. But why is it needed if there is a traditional kind of torch? Many players are interested in this issue, and it will be considered later in the article.

In Minecraft, the creation of various mechanisms is possible. The main role in them is played by Red Dust (Redstone). It serves as a connecting cable and is used to craft most of the mechanisms in this game. The activation of these mechanisms is due to the red torch. As a source of illumination, it is somewhat inferior to its carbon counterpart, but in functionality it surpasses it.

How is a red torch created? The crafting recipe is not significantly different from the previously discussed lighting method - just replace the coal with red dust, and you can create your own torch to activate the mechanisms and decorate buildings.

Mahmoud, set it on fire!

We smoothly approached the main issue. How to make this miracle of antediluvian thoughts in Minecraft? And not harder than get a stick with a piece of coal (we already told how to make a stick in minecraft). It is these components that are thrown into the crafting grid that will lead you to a "bright future". In general, if without unnecessary conversations, then you need to do as shown in the screenshot:

To get coal, we need to either get it in a mine, or get it from a tree in a furnace, just by putting it there. And how to make a stove in minecraft, we already told you. So, now you have learned how to make a torch in minecraft. It turns out that it is quite easy and ordinary, in general, like its functions - to set fire and light.

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Red dust

Where can I get the necessary resource to create a red torch? It is located in the depths of the caves at approximately the same level as the lava. Break the block of red dust with an iron pickaxe and you will get the desired item!

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6 bare facts

  1. If you jump into a Minecraft torch (and it doesn’t matter what block it is located on), you can hear a characteristic sound, as if you were stepping on a wooden block.
  2. In Minecraft, using a torch, you can destroy the source of lava. This can be done if the first is put in the place where the lava is located. This trick will not work if there is at least one more source nearby. In this case, the torch will burn.
  3. The torch may not be done. In Minecraft, it, like many other items, can be found in the villages of the NPC, various fortresses, abandoned mines. So, if you are not a fan of doing things with your own hands, go in search of.
  4. Very interesting information. Minecraft is truly unlimited. It is estimated that in order to illuminate the entire surface of the game world, a huge number of torches are needed: 1.26018466 × 10 ^ 14. Think about this number! But you need to at least double it to illuminate various caves, dungeons and other nooks of Minecraft. Yes, the hope of exploring the whole game and crafting everything that is possible will die the last.
  5. The torch can be put on a workbench. But only if the latter is covered in snow.
  6. Interestingly, if the torch is placed under water, for a moment it will create an air cushion, and after that it will be destroyed.

Let's hope that we have described one of the “lighting fixtures” in Minecraft. All you have to do is follow the instructions.