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Honey facial scrub - recipe and properties


Perfectly smooth and smooth skin without visible flaws and imperfections is the dream of every woman. But is it realistic to put it into practice? Well, if you do not ignore regular procedures like scrubs and peels. And here it is not at all necessary to go to a beauty salon or purchase expensive cosmetics. It is enough to stock up with a jar of natural honey and a bag of granulated sugar.

The main advantages of honey scrub with sugar include:

  • soft and delicate effect, not injuring the skin,
  • completely natural composition with antiseptic and restorative properties,
  • universality - suitable for all types of epidermis,
  • the ability to normalize the water-fat balance,
  • high-quality removal of dead cells,
  • complex elimination of external imperfections (traces of acne, small scars and scars, pigmentation, etc.),
  • increased firmness and elasticity of the skin.

According to reviews, the first results will become noticeable already in the second or third procedure.

Honey and Sugar Scrub Recipes

Next, we bring to your attention a selection of the most effective and effective recipes that will allow you to forget about worrying problems forever.

Sudden changes in temperature, severe wind, lack of vitamins and sun rays are factors without which it is impossible to imagine the classic Russian winter.

Having a negative effect on the lips, they provoke severe weathering, cause roughness and peeling. To get rid of these ailments will help a lip scrub made from honey and sugar.

How to prepare an effective remedy at home:

  • Method number 1. Mix the granulated sugar and honey nectar in equal proportions. Once the ingredients are uniform, add a teaspoon of olive or peach oil.
  • Method number 2. Combine thick honey with sugar in equal proportions. Pour a couple of milliliters of warm milk into the resulting mass.

The presented recipes not only clean the top layer of dead cells, but also saturate the tissues with nutrients, moisturize and soothe them.

Owners of problematic skin know firsthand how difficult it is to find a tool that would delicately exfoliate the surface without damaging or damaging it.

Honey and sugar facial scrub - the best "medicine"! With antiseptic and regenerating properties, it does not just remove peeling, but literally restores the epidermis from the inside, starting metabolic processes, normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands.

  • Option number 1. Heat two tablespoons of honey in a water bath. To a slightly cooled mass, add a couple of a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of calendula tincture. Mix everything well and pour 20-30 grams of granulated sugar. Stir again.
  • Option number 2. Grind 30 grams of oatmeal in a blender, pour honey. Mix sugar with a crushed aspirin tablet and add to the rest of the ingredients. Beat the resulting mass thoroughly with a fork, let it brew for two to three minutes.
  • Option number 3. Combine egg yolk with granulated sugar, add a couple of drops of lemon juice. Lightly heat the honey and pour it into the bulk. The result should be a creamy consistency with characteristic sugar grains.

These scrubs should be done no more than twice a week. Before applying to the skin, an individual intolerance test is mandatory.

Since honey is one of the most aggressive allergens, its use can provoke redness and irritation. In case of sensation of itching or burning, immediately wash off the scrubbing agent and apply a soothing cream.

Improper or unbalanced nutrition, lack of physical activity, frequent stresses and overstrain are the common factors in the modern world that provoke the development of a whole range of problems, including the so-called “orange peel”. Is it possible to get rid of her, to return a presentable appearance to her own hips? Yes, it is quite.

A body scrub with honey and sugar effectively fights cellulite, eliminating the porosity and lumpiness of the skin. In addition, it significantly increases elasticity and resilience, preventing premature aging. Next, a selection of the best recipes:

  • With red pepper. Heat honey in a water bath, pour olive oil or grape oil in a thin stream, remove from heat. Mix sugar with dry pepper powder, add to the main ingredients. After mixing, the burning mass is immediately applied to the problem areas, which are then wrapped with cling film.
  • With menthol. Sugar is mixed with natural coffee, honey is whipped with peppermint essential oil. Next, dry and liquid ingredients are combined. After infusing for five to ten minutes, they can be used for scrubbing purposes.

The main rule - scrub is applied exclusively to steamed skin. Ignoring this requirement, you will not feel visible results, simply waste time.

How to use

Having figured out how to prepare scrubbing agents, we will smoothly move on to how to use them. Below you will find detailed step-by-step instructions:

  1. Pre-steam the skin. If we are talking about lips, it will be enough to put on them a gauze bandage soaked in warm water for five to seven minutes. If we are talking about the whole body, it is better to take a hot bath.
  2. Spread the scrub product evenly over the entire work surface. Massaging movements rub it into the skin, especially carefully passing through the problem areas and areas. For greater efficiency, you can use special mittens, washcloths or a professional scrub brush.
  3. Rinse the honey and sugar mass with warm water. It is very important that it is not hot, because, otherwise, you can earn a burn.
  4. Add contrasting cool jets of water. They will tone the skin, cause pores to contract.

Be sure to apply a moisturizer at the end of the procedure. It normalizes the water-fat balance, helps the epidermis recover faster after mechanical stress. It is best to use baby cream or panthenol.

Is a scrub needed and why

Honey wraps, honey scrub for face and other procedures using this product will be offered even by professional cosmetologists in beauty salons. Honey is an excellent scrubber and a natural source of skin-friendly substances. And at the same time it is available - you can make a facial scrub from honey at home and get a good result.

Our skin needs to be helped to get rid of dead cells so that it breathes better, is more actively restored and supplied with oxygen. Honey scrub copes with this task. He will also help to combat the following problems:

  • clogged pores and black dots,
  • first small wrinkles,
  • peeling, weathering, consequences of vitamin deficiency,
  • lethargy, lack of tone, sagging,
  • dry and tightened skin.

Moisturizing Honey Scrub Recipe for All Skin Types