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Exercises after cesarean section: when and what can be done

Natural childbirth is a normal physiological process and a woman can start doing weight loss exercises almost immediately after discharge from the hospital. But what if there was a surgical delivery? How to restore harmony, and not harm health after the operation, which exercises after cesarean are allowed, and which are recommended to be postponed, we will consider in more detail.

When training after cesarean is allowed

Any surgical intervention is a serious stress for the body. During surgery, an incision is made not only on the abdomen, but also on the body of the uterus. So that scar formation occurs without complications, any load is excluded. On average, the body recovers within 2-4 months. This time is enough for the formation of a dense scar both on the abdominal wall and on the uterus. Exercises after cesarean section are allowed only after consultation with your doctor.

However, in the presence of certain factors, the sparing period can stretch to 1 year:

  • complications during surgery that have led to more incisions or organ removal,
  • the presence of several operations for operative delivery,
  • pregnancy was complicated by hypertension, varicose veins or other diseases of the cardiovascular system,
  • suppuration of the suture, inflammation at the site of the incision.

With good health and fast healing of the suture, a physiotherapist can recommend special exercises for recovery after a month. They will be aimed at eliminating pain, signs of varicose veins, accelerate the return of the uterus to its previous shape and strengthen the back. Such classes are usually conducted in a group and under the supervision of a physician.

Exercise Rules

Any physical activity after surgery should be gradual and cautious. Even if the workouts are prescribed by a physiotherapist for therapeutic purposes, they must be performed according to the recommendations:

  1. Do not neglect the workout. Be sure to warm up the muscles, even if the load is minimal.
  2. A set of exercises after cesarean section must be approved by a doctor.
  3. Begin with a 10-15 minute session per day.
  4. The intensity increases gradually, depending on the well-being and health of the woman.
  5. You can do it only in a special tightening underwear (a bra for feeding, compression stockings) or a bandage for the abdomen.
  6. Strong fatigue, muscle pain, nosebleeds, decreased breast milk - the reason for the cessation of sports.

Exceptions are exercises after cesarean, which include careful turns of the body, rotation of the arms. Also in the sitting position, you can stand on toes and heels, rotate your feet, walk on toes. Such gymnastics is aimed at the prevention of varicose veins. It can be carried out several days after the operation, if there are no complications.

Pelvic Exercises

The pelvic muscles during pregnancy are heavily loaded. They should hold the entire weight of the uterus, taking into account the baby, placenta and amniotic fluid. Therefore, after the birth of the baby, the pelvis has a stretched shape, and the bones can diverge. To avoid further health problems, you should restore it to its previous state.

To do this, after cesarean, you can do the following exercises, but only after consulting a gynecologist or surgeon:

  • Half squats. In order to control the depth of the squat, put a high chair and, as it were, squat on it. At the same time, the lower abdomen is practically not involved, but they quickly come in tone of the buttocks and thighs.
  • Leg lift. Pose on all fours, emphasis on arms bent at the knees. Alternately, each leg is straightened and lifts up. Alternate with side lunges.
  • Strap. Involves almost all muscles without dynamic load. Begin with 15 seconds. Gradually increase the time spent in the bar to 1 min. It is important to maintain the body parallel to the floor.
  • Classes on fitball. Lie on the floor, put your feet on the ball. Lift your back and pelvis, resting on your arms and shoulders. Hold in this position for 5-10 seconds.

Performing exercises after cesarean section, do not use weights and dumbbells. Extra weight can only be connected after 6-8 months.

Abdominal Exercises

The fight against excess volume in the waist should begin no earlier than 3-4 months after surgery. In the absence of pain and discomfort when doing household chores, it is recommended to start with the following exercises for the press after cesarean section:

  • Bicycle. A fairly easy exercise to perform that will help strengthen the abdominal muscles without harming one's health. A simple option: bend your knees and twist them on weight. Straightening your legs, you complicate the workout by adding pressure to the press.
  • The rise of the body. Begin by raising the head, hands behind the head. Over time, connect the chest. Full lifting of the upper body can be done only after a month of training.
  • Safe breathing technique after cesarean will help breathing technique - body flex. Breathing is carried out through the stomach, which contributes to weight loss.
  • The boat. The starting position is lying on the stomach, the head on the arms bent at the elbows. Slowly raise your upper torso and head as you inhale. Hold in this position for 4-5 seconds.

General principles of sports after cesarean

The safest sports for returning to prenatal form are swimming, water aerobics and cycling. Their doctors are allowed to include in their daily routine after 2-3 months. Consider other sports areas:

  1. Yoga. Light stretching asanas, breathing techniques can be turned on after 3-4 months. They help relieve muscle fatigue, cope with new household stresses, and restore joint flexibility. You can start a full-fledged training after 6 months or more.
  2. Gymnastics. For weight loss after cesarean, therapeutic, restorative gymnastics is already possible after 2 months. For safety, the first time you need to do bandage. Sharp movements, lunges and power elements should be excluded.
  3. Run. You need to start with a walk, gradually increasing the intensity of the step. Watch your breath and pulse. If during an easy run you can read a verse without losing your breath, you can increase your distance or speed. Choose sportswear carefully. The bra should have protective inserts and hold the chest well.
  4. Pilates. It is important to perform the exercises correctly and ensure proper breathing. After surgery, it is recommended to engage in this sport after 4 months, but only with the consent of the doctor. Discomfort and feelings of fatigue should not be.
  5. Classes on simulators. Exercise bike and pedometer perfectly complement the home exercise complex. It is allowed to include workouts in the gym only after 7-8 months. Weight lifting should be avoided. You need to return to the previous form gradually.

The best option is to draw up an individual sports program, which will be agreed with the doctor.


The forbidden sports category in the first year after cesarean section includes all outdoor ball games (volleyball, basketball), as well as skiing, long hikes, rafting on mountain rivers, parachuting and weightlifting. Excessive loading can lead to seam divergence, lactation problems, and chronic fatigue.

In addition, you should forget about sports before the official permission of the doctor in the following conditions:

  • Strong discrepancy of the pelvic bones.
  • Genital inflammation (endometritis).
  • Hormonal disbalance.
  • Temperature rise for no apparent reason.
  • Exacerbation of chronic pathologies.

In the first months after birth, caring for a newborn is a good exercise. Only after six months should you resort to more intense loads. During this time, the body will recover and it will be easier for a woman to enter the usual sports regime.

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When can I start doing exercises after cesarean section?

Dates are individual for each woman. Most often voiced figures at 6-8 weeks after surgery. Doctors believe that this is enough time to restore the body. The recovery factors may be affected by the following factors:

  1. Be sure to take into account the number of such operations in women. How it was carried out. There were complications after it or not. Where is the seam located?
  2. If a part of the uterus has been removed or other organs have suffered, then you will have to wait a bit with charging.
  3. Were there any drops in pressure during pregnancy? As you know, during exercise, pressure always rises.

Recommended sports after cesarean section

As a rule, you can start home training after a cesarean section in a month and a half. For more serious sports, you must obtain the permission of a specialist.

Yoga. Perfectly relaxing. With it, you can learn to keep emotions in control. Tightens the muscles.

Swimming. You can start swimming in the pool no earlier than two months after cesarean. Engaging in this sport has a beneficial effect on the whole body. Tones up, strengthens all muscle groups, helps to get rid of extra pounds.

Run. Going for a run will quickly return your figure to its previous shape, but doctors recommend starting jogging no earlier than 10 months after the operation. The load is too high for a weakened body.

Trainers. Classes in the gym are good because you are constantly under the close attention of the trainer. He will choose the right set of workouts for you and evenly distribute the load on the body. To start training on simulators, it is recommended no earlier than six months after the operation.

If you are serious about training, and waiting for a long time is problematic for you, then you can try to work out a dispute at home, which is much more convenient. The child is supervised, and you do not have to go anywhere, but what a saving of money. After all, while mommy is on maternity leave, they are most likely not enough.

Breathing exercises

Experts recommend resorting to breathing exercises. With its help, you can return the muscles to their former tone, and at the same time, such exercises help restore mental balance. Such exercises can begin to be performed almost immediately after childbirth. They are absolutely safe, and you will soon notice the effect obtained from them yourself. Breathing exercises are quite simple and will not take you much time. The execution technique is as follows:

  • Alternating deep and shallow breathing,
  • Deep breath - slow exhale
  • Quick inhale - slow exhale,
  • Alternating breaths in the chest and stomach.

Inhale through the nose. Exhale through the mouth. When breathing in your stomach, try not to lose sight of the seam. He should not strain too much. In order to avoid seam divergence, it is better to lay hands on it, so you will protect yourself from unpleasant consequences. Respiratory gymnastics contributes to a more rapid flow of oxygen into the blood. Peace of mind comes back to normal. You are calm and measured again.

Now consider in more detail the exercises for each muscle group.

Abdominal muscles after cesarean are a miserable sight. There is no tone, instead of a press a certain stretched mass. You won’t look at yourself without tears. I want to quickly return it to its previous state, but the psychological factor is triggered when you remember the doctor’s words that if you don’t take care of yourself, the seam can go apart.

Only the attending physician can give the green light to swap the press. He is able to adequately assess your condition and decide when you can begin to exercise.

Everything here is purely individual. It may take someone four months to fully recover. This is a deadline for those who previously spent time in the gym. For those who are far from sports, a longer period will be required, which can stretch to six months. Consider a more gentle option that can restore your former elasticity to your press.

  • Stretched in full length on the floor, bend your knees. Keep your hands on your stomach. Lift your head so that the press is tensed,
  • The situation remains the same. Inhale deeply. Pull your legs bent at your knees as you exhale
  • We work with the stomach. Inflate the stomach. Exhale - pull in back
  • In the supine position, raise the legs parallel to the floor. Bring them apart
  • Similarly, the previous exercise can be performed while sitting on a chair. We stretch our legs forward and spread them apart.

Performing these exercises regularly, you can easily bring your abs into shape. A big plus of this complex is that you can do the exercises just a month after the operation.

The following exercises will help return the thin waist and get rid of wrinkles on the stomach.

  • Lying on your side, we raise our legs one by one,
  • Standing on all fours, pulling and releasing the stomach,
  • Keep your hands on the sides. We perform slopes in one direction, then in the other,
  • Lie on your back. Hands hold tightly pressed to the sides. Bend your knees. Raise as high as possible and lower.

If during exercise you feel discomfort or mild soreness, then postpone the lesson to another time. Perhaps you are not quite ready for physical activity. Better to wait a while.

Back problems are familiar to every person. The following exercises will help ease back pain:

  • Stretch to full height lying on the floor. Bending the leg, press it to the shoulder. Let go. Do the same with the other leg,
  • Tilt your back in different directions. We do half rotations as much as possible,
  • We squat several times a day
  • We turn our heads in different directions.


The perineum muscles also need pumping. The Kegel exercise is best suited for this. Performing exercises, not only the muscles of the perineum, but also the pelvis, are involved in the work. In addition, they can significantly improve your sex life. Consider the simplest technique.

Insert a finger into the vagina. It is not necessary to enter it deeply. Two centimeters is enough. We try to tighten the muscles of the vagina so that pressure is felt. Each time it will intensify.

When urinating, stop the stream. Then continue. Perform several times a day.

Regularity, dosage of exercises, strict adherence to the recommendations of the attending physician will certainly do their job. You will definitely return to the previous form and forget about problems with the figure once and for all. It should be remembered that you need to start exercises after cesarean section from a small, gradually increasing the load. Only in this way will the classes benefit.

General recommendations

These recommendations are suitable for all, without exception, young mothers who only knew the joy of motherhood. Observing them, you can get rid of a number of problems that arise in the postoperative period.

  • Wearing a bandage. Regular wearing of this type of product will help restore muscle tone. The stomach is pulled in. The pain of walking is greatly reduced,
  • Try to sleep on my stomach
  • Breastfeed the baby as long as possible,
  • Often walk in the fresh air,
  • Two months after giving birth, you can ride your favorite bike or return to swimming classes.

In conclusion, I want to tell all mothers that gymnastics and physical exercises aimed at a specific muscle group will help you to become beautiful and slim again, as before. Let the result be far from immediately noticeable, but it will certainly be. In addition to a taut figure, you will provide yourself an extraordinary boost of vigor. Energy will be in full swing, and with such a pressure you can turn mountains, which is important if you take into account how much time and effort is spent on the baby and daily worries about him. Take care of yourself, love and appreciate! All in your hands. The main thing is not to be lazy and purposefully move in the right direction. Only in this way will you achieve your intended goal.