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How to make shadows with your own hands

Famous manufacturers of decorative cosmetics are increasingly introducing mineral components into the composition of eye shadow, as the quality of a product with such a component increases several times. Persistent, bright, with many colors and shades, such shadows are becoming more popular. The price of eye shadow for good quality is quite high, so many craftswomen began to try to create at home with their own hands - mineral and creamy shadows with minimal expense and time. And about how to make eyeshadow, our article and a sufficient number of videos on the global network speak as well as possible.

The role of eye shadow in makeup

Some women do not consider it necessary to include shadows in the makeup bag, while others, on the contrary, cannot imagine their image without colored, loose or creme-colored products that are put on the eyelids, which:

  • Able to visually reduce the distance between wide-set eyes or vice versa increase, in the case of closely set eyes.
  • They can make eyes visually oblong, or vice versa, increase them a little, if they are not large by nature.
  • They have the opportunity to emphasize makeup, add some zest to it, add depth of sight.
  • Able to emphasize the beauty of the color of the iris.

On sale you can find the shadows of the following variations:
  1. Dry eyeshadow. They can be presented in the form of matte, compact products that are well suited for women who do not yet have experience in the correct and appropriate application of shadows, such shadows can be considered a classic in the field of cosmetology. There are also flickering variations of compact shadows that are most suitable for young girls, since the content of the flickering elements allows you to not mask, but rather emphasize small wrinkles around the eyes. Loose translucent powder as shadows allows you to only draw attention to the eyes a little, if you want to apply a product with spectacular iridescent particles on your eyelids, you may like the loose powder rich in appropriate pigments.

  2. Liquid eyeshadow. If you often rush to work or study, and you don’t want to spend a little more time creating good makeup, creamy eyeshadows in a special jar may be suitable for you. In this case, you can safely use your fingers instead of the applicator. Also, such shadows have advantages over other means and are that they lie better. Liquid shadows in a tube - a great solution for dry skin, contain a considerable amount of moisturizing and nourishing components. If you do not want to apply the product with your fingers, you can buy eye shadow with an applicator or eye shadow.

What shadows are made of

If you want to make shadows with your own hands, for a start you should decide on
the result of his creation, because the shadows are dry and liquid. The composition of the product depends on this choice.

The composition of dry eyeshadows is often formed by zinc and magnesium stearates, talc, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, clay. In some products, instead of talcum powder, which, according to some cosmetologists, clogs the skin and obliges women to wash their makeup daily, mica is allowed into the recipe. Depending on the desired effect, the shadows may contain boron nitride, allantoin, rice powder, miku, silk powder, etc.

Shadow pencils are noted for another composition, the functions of the neck of which are not only to bring your own makeup into the makeup, but also to keep in shape, which means that the composition of such products should be based on components that are more related to each other, but not too much. In order not to bother with the formulations, the manufacturers decided to use similar components and a similar dosage, which is used in the manufacture of lipsticks. Pencil shadows usually contain a mixture of various waxes and oils, paraffin, stearic acid, propylene carbonate, cross-polymer, lanolin, etc.

Creamy themes are made on the basis of vegetable oils, including peach seeds, olive, castor. Some liquid options contain alcohol.

Regardless of the type of shadows, all of them are marked by the presence of their own color gamut due to the content of pigments, which can be divided into two groups: mineral components and organic compounds. There is no consensus on the safety of these pigments, some claim that minerals are safer, others vote for organic compounds.

Beeswax - the basis of many cosmetic ingredients, has good emollient, nourishing properties, promotes the healing of skin lesions, and also protects the skin from external irritants, prevents moisture from evaporating, forming a thin film. The more wax in the formulation, the harder the product will be.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural sunscreens. Zinc oxide in comparison with titanium dioxide is more transparent, it is also able to dry the skin, therefore it is not recommended in large quantities to dry type of skin, it has good anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Titanium dioxide is often used as a white pigment, it creates the structure of the product and retains moisture in the skin.

Boron nitride - A great addition to mineral makeup to create the effect of internal highlighting. This component guarantees gliding, increasing the adhesion of the product to the skin.

Pigments are iron oxide (red, yellow, brown, black), and ultramarine, chromium oxide, carbon monoxide, etc. Mineral pigments are an ideal solution for oily skin with enlarged pores.

Mother of Pearl Mickey - ordinary mica, colored with pigments of mineral origin of different colors. Each mika is noted for its particle size, small mics provide a mother-of-pearl effect with a smooth sheen, medium mosaic - an atlas, large particles help to create decorative cosmetics with a sparkling result.

Carrageenan - stabilizer, thickener with a neutral smell and taste, convenient to use, helps to create stable emulsions. The component has soothing and calming properties, prevents moisture from evaporating, and reduces irritation.

How to make shadows

Want to make shade at home? Well, then you can pay attention to the following recipes:

  1. Golden creamy eyeshadow:
    • Distilled water - 85.65% (17 g).
    • Carrageenan - 1.5% (0.3 g).
    • Glycerin - 5.05% (1 g).
    • Coco Silicone - 2% (0.4 g).
    • Mineral pearl "Mica noisette" - 5.05% (1 g).
    • Preservative Cosguard - 0.75% (0.15 g).

    Pour distilled water into a clean container and add carrageenan to it. These components should be heated in a water bath until the carrageenan is completely melted. Reduce the heat and transfer the rest of all the components, stirring well with a glass rod, whisk or other device. Transfer to a jar. Before use, let the product brew for 3-4 hours. Apply shadows with your finger in a pure form or on top of other shadows.

  • Creamy eyeshadow "Satin":
    • Shea vegetable oil - 34.75% (2.1 g).
    • Vanilla Macerate - 15.65% (0.9 g).
    • Talc - 34.75% (34.75 g).
    • Iron oxide red - 0.2% (0.01 g).
    • Iron oxide yellow - 0.5% (0.03 g).
    • Mineral pearl "Mica blanc brillant" - 13.9% (0.8 g).
    • Essential oil of linden flowers - 0.25% (0.02 g).

    To start, melt the shea butter, this can be done using a microwave or a water bath. Then add vanilla macerate to it and mix. Transfer iron and talc oxides to the mortar; to obtain a homogeneous mixture, mix the components with a special pestle. If a grinder is available, fine, with its help you can quickly and efficiently mix the ingredients. The resulting powder is added to the oil with macerate, there is also shiny mica and essential oil. Let the mixture cool, preferably in the refrigerator.

  • Shadows "Golden Powder":
    • Distilled water - 91% (9 g).
    • Carrageenan - 2% (0.2 g).
    • Mineral pearl "Mica poudre d'or" - 3% (0.3 g).
    • Leucidal Preservative - 4% (0.4 g).

    Mix water with carrageenan and place in a water bath until completely melted. Reduce the heat and start adding the nacre and preservative. Before use, it is advisable to let the mixture brew for 3-4 hours.

  • Compact shades of Silver Gray. Preparation of the base for shadows includes the following components:
    • Talc - 73% (7.3 g).
    • Gentle Touch Powder (Touche de Douceur cosmetic asset) - 5% (0.5 g).
    • Rice Powder - 12% (1.2 g).
    • Shea butter - 5% (0.5 g).
    • Sesame oil - 5% (0.5 g).

    In a mortar or using a grinder, mix talcum powder, rice powder and the “Gentle Touch” asset. At the same time, melt the butter in a water bath, reduce heat and transfer the exact amount of sesame oil. Combine the powder with the oily liquid.

    Proceed to the second part of the preparation of eye shadow, which will require the presence of additional ingredients:

    • Mother of pearl “Mica Charbon iris?” - 5% (0.5 g).
    • Mother of pearl "Mica blanc brillant" - 25% (2.5 g).

    Mix 70% of the previously prepared base with the above mineral nacre to obtain a uniform color and consistency.

  • Matte Pearl Shadows:
    • Distilled water - 85.9% (17 g).
    • Carrageenan - 1.5% (0.3 g).
    • Glycerin - 5% (1 g).
    • Coco Silicone - 2% (2 g).
    • Mineral pearl "Mica noisette" - 1% (0.2 g).
    • Mineral pearl "Mica blanc brillant" - 4% (0.8 g).
    • Preservative Cosguard - 0.6% (0.15 g).

    Put water with a carrageenan in a water bath and heat the components until the gum has completely melted. Add the remaining components and you can transfer the finished product in a clean container.

  • The easiest way to make shadows at home is to prepare the product using sericite, additives in the form of magnesium myristate or magnesium stearate and pigments (preferably Miku). Prepare more ethyl alcohol, a paper towel, a coin for pressing shadows, a container for future shadows, a spoon.

    At the very beginning of the preparation of a cosmetic product, it is necessary to disinfect the container and spoon well. As for the shadow formulation, take sericite (50%) miku (45%) and the additive (5%) and mix in a mortar or grinder until a uniform powder is obtained. Pour the resulting loose mixture into a jar, add alcohol drop by drop and stir with a spoon, as a result of which the mixture will resemble a thick paste. Put a napkin on top and compress the shadows with a coin. After some time, ethanol will evaporate.

    Where can I order shade ingredients

    Thanks to the opening of online stores of cosmetic components for making products with their own hands, you can order almost any product from anywhere in the world. On sale you can find such ingredients for making eye shadow:

      Cosmetic Talcum Powder, White line - a widely used component in decorative cosmetics, which is the base of the product. Weight - 150 g, price - 350 rubles.

    Mineral pearl "Mica blanc brillant", Aroma-Zone - glossy mica seized by extraction from raw ore, refining, heat treatment and grinding. Mother of pearl mica is a composition in the form of a fine powder of mica and titanium dioxide, used to visually lighten the skin and give it shine with a satin effect. Weight - 10 g, cost - 2.5 €.

  • Sesame oil, Miko - has a moisturizing, nourishing effect, suitable for use behind the skin around the eyes. Volume - 50 ml, price - 280 rubles.
  • Video recipe for making mineral shadows:

    Creamy Persistent Shadows

    If one day you accidentally dropped and broke a palette with your compact eyeshadows, or, having arrived home, found that the purchased eyeshadows are absolutely not suitable for you, and the old options are simply tired and boring, then you can do it yourself at home in the minimum amount of time persistent cream shadows using old as a base.

    You will need glycerin and medical ethyl alcohol, which are sold in any pharmacy, as well as empty and washed inserts from old blush or shadows, a mixing bowl and a toothpick. The case remains for small:

    1. Combine several necessary colors
    2. Add a drop of glycerin and one or two drops of alcohol to the dry mixture
    3. Stir all the components thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

    If the color you’ve received doesn’t work for you, add some light or dark shades of the old stock and mix again. Lightly tap the container with the shadows to let out excess air bubbles and wait one day for the alcohol to evaporate. Everything! New bright and persistent eye shadow is ready!

    Minerals and pigments

    Persistent, hypoallergenic and saturated mineral eye shadow, made by yourself - every day more and more videos on this subject appear on the Internet. The main components for mineral shades made at home are sericite and pigment in a ratio of 1 to 1. If you want to get compressed eye shadow in the end, you need to take 50% sericite, 45% pigment and add 5% additives (magnesium stearate , magnesium myristate or colored sericitis).

    It is additives of this type that provide the durability of the made product in the eyes and high-quality application. Sericite (another name - mika) is a mineral natural supplement that is used specifically for the production of cosmetics on its own, serves as an excellent alternative to talc. Mika along with pigments is sold in stores that specialize in soap making, hand-made and do-it-yourself cosmetics.

    Cooking steps

    • Before starting the process, prepare a container for shadows and a spoon or spatula with which you need to recruit the ingredients. And the container and spoons need to be treated with alcohol to disinfect.
    • Type one part (e.g. 0.5 tsp) of sericite and the selected additive on the tip of the spoon. Now you need to create a color - the main thing here is not to overdo it.
    • Review the principles of coloristics in advance: learn what shades you need to mix in order to get the one you need.
    • Now mix everything thoroughly and try to apply some dry eye shadow on the brush - if the color suits you, go to the next stage.

    • Prepare a small container that will hold your mineral eye shadow. This can be a container from an old palette or a specially purchased box.
    • Disinfect the container, sprinkle some dry shadows you prepared there, and add a few drops of ethyl alcohol.
    • Mix everything quickly and thoroughly. The mass volume will decrease and now you need to add the dry mixture and alcohol again. We repeat this until the dry base is over.

    If suddenly you went too far with alcohol and eye shadow, prepared at home, became too liquid, add more sericite and mix again. Leave the container open for five to six hours so that the alcohol evaporates completely. After time, close the container with a lid, and feel free to use your new, high-quality and persistent mineral eyeshadow!

    Mineral-based eyeshadows made by hand have a long shelf life, do not cause allergies, are well applied and retain color and durability throughout the day. In addition, you yourself can create your own, unique shade and know what exactly is part of your cosmetic product!

    Watch the video and try to make shadows with your own hands.

    Mineral eyeshadow at home