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The art of seduction is like a theatrical action and not a single book can be dedicated to it. This is a fascinating game, the purpose of which is to charm and fall in love with another person.

So, not only a young man, but also a man wise by experience, needs to understand the following moment: when he has a desire to seduce a girl or woman, that it is sexual attraction that is of primary importance. Everything else recedes into the background, becomes insignificant. Here the young man returned from the army, and he is ready to love every girl. The main thing is that she be sexually attractive. Mind, education, horizons, well-mannered, material side at first became secondary things. All these love games are started for the sake of sex, the ultimate goal of which is the birth of a child.

It must be remembered that almost all women on a subconscious level will look in you for either a husband, or a protector, or a generous patron, or an irresistible lover. Today's ladies appreciate confidence, energy and determination. But how to overcome insecurity and the fear of being rejected by the one you need? How to seduce and seduce a woman so that she wants to be yours? The questions are not simple, since the goals of seduction are different. Someone needs a woman for an adventure on the weekend, and someone is looking for a girlfriend for a serious relationship. Understand who the woman you are going to seduce. Girl or young woman? A lady of Balzac age or a woman much older than you? These are not idle questions, because seduction is a game, and you won’t even notice how skillfully they will transfer you from a hunter to the category of prey. This is especially true for men at a critical age of 45 to 50 who have a desire to seduce a girl or young woman.

A lot has been written about female love. But all women are different. Each of its own character, its own complexes and its ideal image of a loved one, born in childhood. Mistakes and disappointments in choosing a loved one do not change her preferences. A few words about the love of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity: it is beautiful, strong and true. But it is often difficult for them to determine who or what they love more: either you, or their love for you, or themselves suffering from love. Therefore, before you start to seduce a woman, find out who the hero of her love fantasies is.

Communication role with seduction it is difficult to overestimate. Do you know how to evoke the sympathy of a girl from the first moments of communication? Not every man has this talent from birth, and not for everyone this is a problem. But the first impression plays a crucial role in the development of further relations. What underlies the ability to arouse sympathy? These are: friendly attitude, attention, listening and dialogue.

Where does seduction begin?? Of course at first sight. A few moments and non-verbal contact is established if your eyes radiate confidence and goodwill. Smile affably and openly. Your sincere smile will definitely provoke a response - it will smile back to you. Because a smile attracts a person, disposes him to communication. And it doesn’t matter whether you are familiar or have yet to meet her. If you have been communicating for a long time, then a gentle non-verbal contact can transform your relationship from friendly to romantic.

How to get to know each other, arouse sympathy for yourself and seduce a girl you like? The exchange of glances and smiles has already laid a good foundation for dating. Well, if there is a common acquaintance who can introduce you to her and jokingly characterize. Stress and distrust are removed automatically. Then the task is simplified: you need to make a good impression on the girl from the first words and arouse interest in yourself. So love is born at first sight.

Acquaintance on the street, in the park, that is, “one on one” always causes alarm and concern. Well, if there is someone involved as if by chance in a conversation.

The woman you want to meet may have a friend or husband. And her first reaction will, of course, be rejection. And for you it should be a message that she is busy. In this case, pretend that you are not going to get to know her. It just happened that there was a certain non-standard situation when you need to say something, ask, find out, comment, regret or even complain. Create a funny situation that dispels all fears and suspicions. Plug in a sense of humor. There are so many funny and funny things in life. Laughter brings people together.

Create the conditions when you need her help: hold something, give something, help with something. Women rarely refuse help. And then you scatter in thanks. Alienation disappears, and communication begins, which is required in this situation. And there it may become that you find yourself useful to each other. If you are shy and did not have spontaneous communication skills with representatives of the opposite sex, then you need to come up with actions and cues, maybe even rehearse them in advance, have some shocking or interesting information in stock, and then ask her opinion on this matter.

They say that girls (however, like men) like to receive compliments in their address. But here should be a measure: a direct compliment often sounds false and insincere, especially when you first meet. It is better if you manage to make a veiled compliment: praise her awareness of a particular issue, knowledge of any facts, ability to listen, dance and so on.

Women always need attention of the stronger sex. Surround the chosen woman with your care. Learn to be helpful, helpful and friendly. Be a gentleman in everything: do not forget to hold the door when she enters, skip forward, move or chair back when she sits down, give a hand, help remove or put on a coat and so on. Remember: the more attention you show to her, the more attentive she will be towards you.

To seduce a woman, learn to show interest in her, in her life, in her hobbies and activities. Talking with a woman, let her feel her significance. Surprise, admire her. Be sincere: there is always cause for admiration. After all, this is a game. But you must become interesting for your chosen one. It is up to you to introduce yourself in a favorable light. Of course, you do not need to praise yourself for any successes and achievements in life. You can arouse interest in yourself with some stories about interesting or unusual episodes from your life, demonstrate your horizons.

Try to create an atmosphere of comfort already at the beginning of communication. This is achieved by adjusting to the rhythm of the girl’s movement: repeat her gestures and poses, use her turns of speech, vocabulary and volume. After a while, she will feel lightness and the feeling that she has known you for a long time. And she herself will not notice how she starts to adapt to you. To enhance communication, use the active listening technique. Speak less yourself, react to what the woman says. Clarify, agree, assent, ask again, smile knowingly. She is imbued with sympathy and trust in you.

For seduction, you chose a girl that you like, who hooked you with something. Naturally, you are sexually attracted to her. Being next to her, strengthened his attraction, mentally envelop her with tenderness and longing. She will catch your condition, and new sensations will fill her body. Gently touch her arm, shoulder, or back, and you will anchor her. Now, any touch of your chosen one will cause a gamut of erotic experiences. Do not forget that women are very sensitive to the touch of a man and attach great importance to hugs and kisses. But be delicate: use small, gentle touches, caress, but do not touch. Otherwise, the magic of bodily contact will be destroyed. What is appropriate and desirable in bed will cause rejection in the process of seduction.

Be positive. Do not whine and do not complain in the presence of women. All your behavior should say that you are all right. Be generous and never speak ill of others, especially women. If you have a family, don’t speak badly about children, don’t complain about your wife, but note your dissatisfaction and longing, desire to find a soul mate. If a lady is already imbued with sympathy for you, then she will definitely want to be involved.

A few words about appearance. Do not think that the fair sex is indifferent to the appearance of a man. Sloppy, untidiness and bad smell cause disgust. What seduction can we talk about? But excessive preoccupation with their appearance can cause irritation and push them away. Everything should be a measure. And do not think that a certain dose of alcohol will help you feel relaxed and confident and will give you masculinity.

Development of a relationship. If your seduction did not end with quick sex, and your relationship continues to develop, then do not forget about gifts. All women, without exception, love to receive them. Show maximum ingenuity to amaze your chosen one. Not enough ideas and fantasies to surprise a girlfriend? Make a gift as old as the world - a bouquet of flowers. Accompany his presentation with a few kind words. And she will be subdued. Flowers can be given every day and for any occasion.

Arrange “random” meetings in unexpected places, invite her to dine in a cafe or take a walk in the park. Make an appointment in the evening to wander around the city or sit in the public garden. Yes, if the moon appears in the sky, then it will be an unforgettable episode in your and her life. Romance in a relationship, of course, does not hinder deepening the relationship. Two or three such dates - and she's yours.

Change the intensity of communication. What does it mean? You call her endlessly, send her gentle messages, and then remain silent for several days. You meet her at every step and, suddenly, disappear for three or four days. And she’s already used to your presence in her life, so she has many questions. She is worried, worried, worried. All this is intriguing, aggravates feelings and fuels the desire to meet with you.

Over time, you will have many other methods of seduction. But sometimes your efforts will be in vain because you tried to seduce and lure the wrong woman. It’s just that you don’t suit her, or she doesn’t suit you. Take this philosophically. After all, our drives are often irrational in nature, the origins of which lie deep in the subconscious. And life will once again confront you with the problem of how to seduce a girl or woman.


“It's easier than it sounds.” - says psychologist Perry Buffington, - 80% of sexual contacts provoke women by giving silent signals to the world. Your task is to turn these signals on yourself. ”

What does it mean? Arriving at the party, first try to stay in the center of the room for a while: purely psychologically, women are pleased to rotate around the central point, and besides, you can be seen from all sides. When you see a distant acquaintance in the crowd, smile at her: even to casual acquaintances, women are more disposed than to suspicious strangers. Get a smile back, catch her eyes, play like this for a while - and leave the spotlight. You made it clear that you are ready to make contact. To be continued.


Getting her consent to anything is not so difficult. “Turn to her when you see that her pupils are dilated, - Dr. Buffington advises you. “Enlarged pupils indicate maximum susceptibility.”

And if the situation requires immediate consent and wait until the pupils expand by themselves, is there no way? Proceed from the opposite: dim the light, her pupils will expand - and susceptibility with location will suddenly jump to the level you need. "Watch carefully how she reacts to your words, - continues Buffington. - If she looks away to the left, she should wait for a quick decision, if to the right, she will hesitate for a while. And then, in order to persuade her to her side, explain that her positive decision will make you happy. ”. Believe it? Check it out.


Tell me how you liked what was between you. From such a message, a powerful release of hormones of good mood, dopamine and oxytocin, will occur in the woman’s body. Be sure, after such a firework of emotions, she will again try to make you feel good and quickly - in the hope of getting a new portion of fun hormones. The conditioned reflex described by Dr. Pavlov in this case works for you.


“Your relationship has reached the first quarrel. As soon as she begins to rebuke you, get up, - says Perry Buffington. - This will show that you are absolutely confident in yourself and want her to be sure of this too. In addition, lifting yourself up will speed up your heartbeat, and therefore your blood flow, which means that the blood flowing to the brain will help you think faster and respond more quickly to her words. ”. But after that it is worth giving your gaze some regret. 90% of women are ready to forgive their partner even for external signs of embarrassment and remorse, it is not necessary to say something.


“Do not agree with everything that a woman tells you, - advises sexologist Yvonne Fulbright. “We, women, are interested in socially dominant men, and not a“ weak link. ” That is why during the meeting and the conversations that accompany it, try to play the role of the devil's advocate, from time to time disagreeing with her theses - but your arguments should be similar in form to her arguments. At some point, she might think that she changed your point of view. Let him think! ” But remember: disputes are disputes, and a glass of beer in her face is a bad argument, this can cool feelings.


“By nature, a woman is programmed in such a way that she is attracted to generous men. Generosity for her is a signal that a man has some surplus of resources that he is ready to share. ”Says evolutionary psychologist Jeffrey Miller. It's not even about you giving her a fur coat with a hat, but also taking her to a restaurant. Serve the old beggar woman in the underpass. Donate blood for the disaster victims. Take the packing of diapers to the baby’s house, finally. Firstly, it will impress her. Secondly, these are just good deeds, from which your mood improves and your self-esteem grows - and in inter-gender affairs this will not be superfluous.