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Self-hypnosis for weight loss


Many people have heard that there is hypnosis for losing weight. There are many conflicting opinions, myths, legends and prejudices about this method of combating obesity. To understand whether the method is effective for you personally, it is worth understanding the mechanism of action, types and contraindications for the use of technology.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness caused independently, spontaneously or under the influence of another person, which is characterized by a high susceptibility to suggestion and focusing attention on something.

The success of hypnosis depends on the following factors:

  1. The desire of a hypnotized person. Against will, a hypnotic effect cannot be effective.
  2. The effectiveness of hypnosis depends on the degree of suggestibility of a person, his psychological characteristics. Most people respond well to hypnotic effects, but there are individuals who are not affected by manipulation.
  3. The skills and abilities of the hypnotist play an important role.

With a competent approach, suggestion is successfully used as a means of helping the body to eliminate various ailments. In obesity, the best way to normalize weight is to eat right in combination with physical activity. To constantly limit yourself in food and exercise, you need willpower, but many people have difficulty with this trait.

Nutritionists and psychologists in such situations use additional methods of influence, among which suggestion is not the last. The use of hypnosis for weight loss is justified and necessary when the physiological characteristics of a person do not allow you to play sports or diet.

If you evaluate the statement "is it possible to lose weight with the help of hypnosis", the answer will be unambiguously positive. The fact of losing weight through suggestion or self-hypnosis is repeatedly recorded and proven.

Classic hypnosis

This type of hypnosis allows you to form or change the basic mental attitudes towards food, your body, weight, and sport. Hypnotic effect is a factor that forms a system of behavior that provides weight loss.

A session of classic hypnosis for weight loss includes the following steps:

  1. A person relaxes with the help of special manipulations - monotonous actions, sounds.
  2. With the help of words and phrases, a person is introduced into an easy trance.
  3. There is a suggestion of certain settings - refusal to eat after six hours, a decrease in the number of meals per day, a decrease in the size of servings, a ban on eating junk food.
  4. Withdrawal from a trance.

The hypnosis complex for weight loss includes several sessions that are held at regular intervals to strengthen motivational moments.

Erickson hypnosis

Milton Erickson is an outstanding American psychiatrist and psychotherapist of the 20th century, specializing in the study and practical application of hypnosis. He developed his own system of influence on consciousness, which is based on immersion in a trance and the use of a special hypnotic language, which is distinguished by its brightness and imagery.

Erickson’s method implies the suggestion of installations not in clear text, but using veiled stories and phrases. With classical hypnosis, clear attitudes are formed, and with Erickson hypnosis, they are blurred and incomprehensible to consciousness, but the subconscious “reads” them correctly.

After entering into a trance state, the person continues to be involved in a conversation with the hypnotist. The hypnotist pronounces a pre-prepared speech using:

  • focusing on keywords that are deposited in the subconscious,
  • the use of metaphors and images to circumvent the blocking mindset.

Self hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is understood as a procedure in which a person independently enters himself into a trance using self-hypnosis methods. Active self-hypnosis makes it possible to increase and maintain motivation to lose weight. Audio and video sessions are actively used as an additional aid in the practice of self-hypnosis.

Methods of self-hypnosis for weight loss:

  1. The session should begin in a positive mood. You need to think about the result of losing weight, mentally imagine yourself slim and beautiful, give yourself compliments for desire and willpower.
  2. It is better to settle in the most comfortable atmosphere. Experts recommend sitting comfortably, placing a pillow under your head.
  3. Relax completely, throw anxious and negative thoughts out of your head.
  4. The procedure is carried out in silence or with a quiet and pleasant, relaxing music.
  5. The main task is to get rid of all thoughts.
  6. Be relaxed for at least 60 seconds.
  7. Close your eyes slowly without moving the eye sockets. If you feel a twitching of the eyelids and a state of slumber comes, you are close to a state of trance.
  8. After entering a trance, mentally pronounce affirmations - short phrases that have an effective meaning. Thanks to repeated pronunciation in a certain sequence, they allow you to fix the installation in the subconscious. Short phrases should carry a positive attitude, not contain negation and negativity.
  9. After the session, you need to exit self-hypnosis slowly. To do this, stand still or relaxed for a few minutes.

Self-hypnosis should be carried out regularly. It is recommended to set a class schedule: every day or every other day, for 20-30 minutes.

Affirmations with independent hypnosis for weight loss:

  • lose weight easily
  • I eat only healthy food in the right amount,
  • I love myself, I will be slim and healthy.

Types of self-hypnosis for weight loss:

  1. Neuroslim is a special interactive application equipped with glasses. Allows you to listen and view the course, immersed in a relaxed state. The course allows you to lose weight by several kilograms in 28 days by forming in your subconscious mind sets for burning fat, accelerating metabolism and reducing feelings of hunger.
  2. Color therapy - carried out before bedtime in a room with a predominance of green. A man relaxes and is mentally transported to a summer meadow. Immersion in nature increases motivation, strengthens the desire for change.
  3. Hypnosis-meditation is a complex of mental exercises that allow you to enter a special mental state. Practice includes lengthy relaxing and contemplative exercises, with pronunciation of affirmations and restructuring of conscious thinking. Meditations are carried out sitting in a relaxed atmosphere 2 times a day. It is recommended to be carried out early in the morning, after waking up, and in the evening, before going to bed. It has a positive effect on digestion, stabilizes weight, enhances the emotional desire to lose weight without diets.
  4. Musical hypnosis - involves listening to calm music and phrases of attitudes in a relaxed position. Helps relieve stress, which provokes overeating. Soothes the nervous system.

Hypnosis Principle for Weight Loss

Hypnosis allows you to inspire the mind and subconscious mind of a person in which he can calmly control his appetite and correctly regulate eating habits and physical activity.

Hypnosis slimming sessions focus on the following aspects:

  • strengthening willpower,
  • establishing the causes and characteristics of the problem of excess weight,
  • increased motivation
  • gaining confidence in the end result.

In an obesity situation, suggestion can also solve the true causes of the problem:

  1. Provide change response to stressful situations. Many people in a state of stress and tension begin to respond to the situation by eating. Hypnosis allows you to cope with emotional overeating through relaxation. The body begins to cope with stress without food.
  2. Normalize self-esteem. Suggestion allows you to believe in the possibility of a radical transformation of your appearance and figure. Hypnosis makes it possible to fix in your subconscious mind your “image of the future." A person begins to believe in such a result, which increases self-esteem.
  3. Change attitude. Excess weight is a temporary and reversible phenomenon. To reset it you need time and systematic actions. Everything is achievable.
  4. The restructuring of food attitudes. Food is not perceived as a source of pleasure, but as energy replenishment resources for activity.

Is hypnosis for weight loss suitable for everyone

Hypnosis is not an ideal way to suggest. This phenomenon has strengths and weaknesses. In some situations, a hypnotic effect is necessary, and sometimes it is contraindicated.

The hypnosis procedure for weight loss by specialists is considered as an additional way that can enhance the effect of the main methods of combating obesity. In rare cases, suggestion is used as an independent method.

Turning to hypnosis is recommended in several cases.

  1. Basic methods do not work - a person cannot control his appetite, but there is no motivation for sports.
  2. The presence of diseases that complicate the use of diet and physical activity.
  3. The need to determine the true causes of the problem.
  4. The presence of traumatic factors.


The use of hypnosis for weight loss in cases of problems with the body is prohibited:

  • epilepsy,
  • schizophrenia,
  • borderline personality disorder.

With caution, suggestion for weight loss should be used if there are acute somatic diseases. You can not conduct sessions when the patient is in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

Stereotypes and Myths

Hypnosis has developed many stereotypes and myths.

  1. There is a risk of not waking up. There is no such probability. When solving weight problems, easy trance methods are used, in which a person fully controls the situation.
  2. You may lose consciousness. This is not possible with the relaxed state of the hypnotized and competent control by the hypnotist.
  3. Losing control over the body, a person turns into a controlled zombie. Such an impact is impossible. Man enters only into a conscious trance. During the session, adequately perceives the situation. There are no catastrophic changes in consciousness and subconsciousness. There is a change in attitudes and attitude towards certain situations.

Losing weight through hypnosis can turn into a problem in the absence of specialist control. The formation of erroneous attitudes leads to the rejection of food, starvation or the development of bulimia.

Bulimia is a mental illness in which a person has an eating disorder due to bouts of overeating and excessive preoccupation with body weight. This disorder pushes a person to extreme measures that are designed to minimize the effect on the body of eaten food. The disease requires immediate treatment, because it can lead to disastrous consequences.

Slimming factor

Attraction factors - These are several provisions of the Law of Attraction for attracting anything, for example, harmony in your life.

The principles of attraction work regardless of your belief in them, however, if you believe, the Law of Attraction begins to work to its fullest. Psychologist of Happiness.

6 factors of the law of attraction for weight loss

Actually these 6 factors work to attract everything what you wish. I took these factors from the famous book of Joe Vitale.

1) You are fully responsible for what happens in your life.. You are responsible for the state of your body, you consciously or notly pulled your excess weight.

2) Your settings are determined by the environment in which you were raised. If you like programs and recipes sites, or watch movies about violence, or watch “Let them talk”, advertising for weight loss products do not be surprised that you are on the road to losing weight, but you are going in the opposite direction.

3) You are not the master of the Earth, but you have much more power than you can imagine. Positive thinking and self-hypnosis formulas can turn mountains.

4) It is in your power to change thoughts. Self-hypnosis is the process of introducing new thoughts and attitudes into the subconscious.

5) You can achieve absolutely everything, even what seems impossible to you now. Start moving and believe in the impossible on the way, the implementation of your plan will not take long.

6) It is not enough to create the image of the desired; it still needs to be revived. Love and fear are the 2 most powerful motivators, sources of positive and negative energy. Afraid of never losing weight or love your body? Self-hypnosis is a way to control your emotions.

Sit back. Close your eyes and start inspiring ...

Self-hypnosis formula. 1 step. Determine what you do not want in the field of weight loss.

You no longer want to gain weight?

You no longer want to gobble up for the night?

You do not want to eat sweet and fatty foods?

You do not want to examine your folds at the waist at the mirror?

Write down what you do not want in a column on a separate sheet of paper.

Self-hypnosis formula. 2 step. Determine what you want in the field of weight loss.

Do you dream of admiring glances of men in your direction?

Do you crave compliments from colleagues and friends about your slim waist?

Do you passionately want 20 year old outfits to fit you?

Would you like to learn how to enjoy the taste of wholesome and healthy food?

Write down what you want in a column on a separate sheet of paper.

Self-hypnosis formula. 3 step. Clear yourself of negative attitudes and beliefs about your body.

To understand the limiting settings that prevent you from losing weight and becoming a slender, you need to write down the answer to a very simple question: "What prevents you from losing weight right now?" and further: “What parts of your body do you not accept?«.

If you decide to recognize and change your negative attitudes about yourself, then my article Your Psychological Weight will help you.

If you need the support of a professional transformer of thoughts - welcome to a session of a psychologist of happiness.

If you skip this step, auto-suggestion formula will face long-standing attitudes and that which has sprouted roots in your consciousness will triumph.

Self-hypnosis formula. 4 step. Feel as if you have already become a slender, light and attractive beauty.

Create an image of your body, become a sculptor of your harmony in the imagination, boldly cut off everything superfluous and cover the new body with generous strokes of sexuality, attractiveness and lightness.

Take the desires from the 2 steps of the self-suggestion formula and fill each word with the image of your new body.

Self-hypnosis formula. 5 step. Free yourself and act according to intuitive impulses up to 100% of the result!

Love your body.

Listen to yourself.

Do what your heart commands.

Start to slim and lose pounds right now.

You will immediately recognize that magical moment when the changes begin and take a step towards your new body, because at the mental level you will be ready for improvement, right?

Self-hypnosis formula. Extra step.

Sign up for self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis trainingto strengthen your self-hypnosis formula so much as to rush to your goal on a jet plane at the speed of thought!

ANNOUNCEMENT. Happy Psychologist E-Book Coming Soon “How to create an effective formula for auto-suggestion. Magical words and magic bonds for a formula that works for sure. ” .

Qigong will enhance auto-suggestion in 3 steps!

The main idea of ​​this area of ​​ancient Chinese medicine (qigong) is to use your consciousness at the moment when you breathe and make body movements.

3 steps qigong for weight loss:

1. Decide what you want. You have already done this, making up the formula for self-suggestion of harmony in 5 steps.

2. Fill the mind with the image you desire. Incorporate into your consciousness the image of a new body obtained in step 4 of the self-hypnosis formula.

3. Keeping the goal in mind, pass energy through your body. The best way to do this is to breathe with sound and dance so that the neighbors call the police.

Write how your formula of auto-suggestion sounds and how you introduce it into your consciousness. Where do the subconscious impulses attract you?