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How to change your voice over the phone (Android)


Sometimes you may need to change your voice when making a phone call. The reasons for this can be very different, ranging from a banal drawing and ending with a check of the quality of customer service subordinates of your company.

There are times when you need to change your voice, including for a business conversation. In this article, we will talk about how to do this with and without applications.

How it works?

Since the speech is processed within a few milliseconds, the interlocutor does not notice this. The application can change the tone and pace of speech, which allows you to stay incognito. You can change the male voice to female and vice versa, without compromising the quality of communication.

Voice changer gives ample opportunity to draw your friends, because the call can be made anonymously and for this you do not need any special training or skills.

Voice changer

This simple and intuitive application will allow you to not only change your voice during a conversation, but also apply the effect to an existing audio recording. A choice of more than 25 effects. For example, you can give your speech the timbre of an old man, robots or ducks.

Download Voice changer on Google Play at this link.

Voice modifier

A great application that changes your voice right during a conversation. It is perfect for phone raffles of colleagues or friends. If you are a man, change your voice to female. If you are good, become evil! Voice Modifier provides great creativity.

  • Simple and convenient interface
  • A huge collection of fun sound effects,
  • Ability to edit existing audio recordings,
  • Saving and transferring audio files in various ways,
  • Ability to set the recording as a ringtone, SMS signal or alarm ringtone.

You can download the Voice Modifier application at this link

Call voice changer

Another free speech changer with a high rating and tons of effects. The description of the program is very strange - it repeats information several times that you can “become a girl” during a conversation. Well, there really is such an opportunity.

You can download this Android application from this link.

2. Change the voice using the device “Speech Mask”

This method requires investment, as it involves the purchase of a special device to change the tone of speech or give it additional effects. These devices may look different. For example, this gadget allows you to change the voice not only when talking through the headset, but also in the process of performing a song in karaoke:

There are also creative suggestions. For example, this toe not only looks cool, but also allows you to talk like the main villain of the dark knight:

You can buy these cool stuff on Aliexpress here and here.

3. How to change the voice without everything?

If you do not want to buy or download anything, then during a conversation just pinch your nose with your fingers or speak into the phone through a scarf. This will change the tone of your voice and prevent the other person from recognizing you. In addition, if you happen to happen to have a balloon with helium, by all means inhale from it and try to speak. Fun guaranteed!

If you know other ways to change your voice when talking on the phone, share them in the comments.

With the help of specials. applications (Android)

I note that if you have an old phone (not efficient enough), then some applications may not work stably (the sound may partially lag, tremble). Still, your handset needs to be able to hear you in milliseconds, process the voice with all the filters applied, and send it to the other party.

VoiceFX (screenshots of software developers)

Quite a powerful application for quick voice changes. In addition, a voice recorder is built into the software (for recording), and the ability to broadcast the changed voice to various web browsers and media players.

  1. the following sound effects are available: the voice of a child, an adult man, a woman, a drunk person, the effect of a cave, space, etc.,
  2. playing voice from a microphone, replacing it in real time,
  3. the ability to open MP3 files and change them using effects,
  4. the ability to record to MP3 files,
  5. minus: the free version of the application has a lot of advertising.

Voice modulator

Screenshots from the developer of the voice modulator.

The application is very simple, made for entertainment purposes (although I can not help but note that in terms of changing the voice - it works fine!).

Allows you to create amazing and very funny effects in minutes. I also add that the application supports the Russian language.

  • sound effects: voice of a robot, child, old man, Martian, chipmunk, etc.,
  • the ability to record audio and apply effects to them,
  • the ability to share audio files in the social. networks or via Bluetooth,
  • editing audio files.

Funny voice changer

Developer screenshots

This application allows you to change the voice directly during a telephone conversation. Different options for changing voice are available: from male to female (and vice versa), just make the voice unrecognizable, turn it into the voice of a monster or some kind of robot (cyborg).

Before you apply these or those effects during a conversation, it is recommended to listen to the desired effect on your phone (in order to know what your opponent expects.).

Note: the application is very specific, approximately 30-40% of users are not stable.

Understand what you need to change

Evaluate different aspects of your speech and decide what exactly you need to work on. If it’s difficult for yourself to understand what the problem is, ask a friend or colleague for help or record yourself on a voice recorder.

The way we pronounce the phrase often affects the perception of the audience. For example, inflated (interrogative) intonation at the end of each sentence undermines the credibility of your words.

Speaking too quickly without pauses gives the impression that you are nervous.

Too quiet or too loud a voice also does not add confidence. Try to speak a little louder than usual so that you can be clearly heard, but so that you do not seem rude at the same time.

Funcalls - Best Voice Changer & Call Recording

Screen from the developers of Funcalls

This application was created specifically for creating pranks (pranks of friends by phone). You can change your voice in real time during a telephone conversation. Moreover, all conversations can be recorded in a file, and then let others close to you listen.

How it works:

  • first you enter the number you are going to call,
  • choose a country (note: the application works in many countries of the World, including Russia),
  • choose the sound effect you want to change the voice of,
  • then call the other side and speak in a modified speech,
  • In addition, you can add a funny sound background,
  • in the process you can record everything and then listen together again and laugh.

I note that the application has a lot of effects. Perhaps the only negative: the application is in English.

Alternative and unusual options

Many of them may seem ridiculous, but nevertheless, they can be used (for example, if the applications above do not work for you (buggy, hang, etc.), or you call from a regular phone, where you simply cannot install them).

  1. you can pinch your nose with your fingers (for a while). The method is very working, even a fairly close person may not recognize you,
  2. present a scarf to the microphone (though this will make you hear worse and you will need to speak louder),
  3. you can bring a glass jar / cup (or other vessel) to the tube - as a result, your voice will be echoed (which will also partially change it),
  4. talk through gritted teeth, you can put forward the lower lip (this is the simplest and most elementary way),
  5. if you have a good connection (and your interlocutor hears you well) - then you can try to speak quietly, almost in a whisper (it will be very difficult to recognize you),
  6. use their acting skills (not everyone succeeds, but it was worth noting.).

That's all. Additions are welcome.

How in VK to change the voice in a voice message.

Content of the article (navigation)

In this matter we will come to the rescue - VK Voice Messages This is a browser extension capable of converting typed text into a voice message. It turns out that the interlocutor hears not your changed, but a completely electronic voice. You can configure it as you like.

Install the extension. Finding it is easy in a chrome store. In the settings we select the necessary parameters. You can change almost anything: female vocals, male, timbre, pitch. The speed with which it will be read out also changes. The graph deserves special attention - emotional coloring (angry, joyful, etc.).

To send our message with a programmed voice, perform the following steps:

  1. We go into the dialog box with the user,
  2. We type the necessary text,
  3. Click the icon with the image of the headphones and wait for departure.

VK Voice Messages will request access to your account information, but this will only happen the first time you send a message.

Special programs for changing voice vk

Programs for changing the voice in VK in a voice message will help not only remain incognito, but also come up with a funny prank for a friend. Just do not overdo it with prank. ABoo or TTSReader are designed to read text messages, and work on the same principle as VK Voice Messages.

In order to directly change your vote, you can use the following software:

  • MophVOX Junior.
  • AV Voice Changer Diamond.

To send a message with our changed voice you need:

  1. With your clear voice unchanged, you need to record a voice message.
  2. One of the programs we have chosen changes the voice.
  3. In the VK dialog box, click the sign with the microphone image, and play back the message that you prepared in advance.

I hope we prompted you how to change the voice in VK in voice messages. To play a friend or you need to "stay in the shade", or just look for new tools. All this can be done by changing something familiar, something that everyone is used to.

Parasite phrases

Here you will especially need someone's help, because we ourselves do not notice which phrases and phrases we use too often. Perhaps you always say the same thing when you take the time to ponder the answer (“This is a good question!”), Or abuse the phrases “Sorry to interrupt ...”, “Not sure if this is important, but ...”.


Having decided what you need to change in your speech, as often as possible train to speak in a new way. Big public appearances aren’t very common, so start practicing in everyday situations.

  • When talking with colleagues. Although having a cup of coffee does not necessarily seem super-confident in yourself, a casual conversation with colleagues is a great opportunity to practice your speech skills without fear and excitement.
  • When you offer ideas at meetings. How confidently you present your idea often depends on whether it is heard and accepted with respect.
  • When commenting on someone’s work. If you need to evaluate the work or skills of another employee, sounding confident is very important. In this situation, try to practice at least one aspect of your speech that you want to change.
  • When you ask questions. There are many opportunities for practice, because we often ask questions: at meetings, meetings, trainings, seminars.