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Craft Pumpkin Pie


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Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie can be made from pumpkin, sugar and chicken eggs, which are very easy to obtain: pumpkin grows in almost all biomes, cane for making sugar is also found quite often near water, and chickens carry eggs almost everywhere.

Another advantage of pumpkin pie is the ability to cook them directly in your inventory, without using a workbench or stove, like stewed mushrooms. However, unlike the latter, pumpkin pie can be stacked in the inventory.

At the same time, 4 hunger replenishes pumpkin pie (along with fried pork and fried beef). However, pumpkin pie has one drawback compared to fried meat - experience is gained when killing and raising animals.

Cooking Pumpkin Pie

You can make it in your own backpack (inventory), for this you will need:

  • Pumpkin - 1 pc (you can grow it yourself or find it),
  • Egg - 1 pc (can be found near chickens),
  • Sugar - 1 pc (made from sugarcane).

Description and Features

Finally, it will be possible to find a worthy application of pumpkin, namely in cooking. So let's take a look at minecraft how to make pumpkin pie.

To do this, you need to arrange the pumpkin, chicken egg and sugar in the workbench in the order shown below:

Pumpkin, egg and sugar - that's all you need for pumpkin pie!

We figured out how to craft pumpkin pie in minecraft, now a little about the features of this type of food, since you need to decide for yourself whether to make it or not, because you can do, for example, apples or bread.

What is good about this pumpkin pie is that it restores as many as 8 points or 4 indicators of hunger. This, of course, is not fried pork or beef, but much more serious than the same bread.

The most remarkable thing is that all the ingredients for this type of food are produced by the world itself, it remains only to find them. You will have to craft only sugar from cane, but it’s difficult to call it a problem, and taking into account the fact that cane cannot be called difficult to obtain, diversifying food in virtual space is more than worth it, as this will significantly increase the possibility of food production and you won’t wait or depend from the speed of the crop - you will already have several types of food prepared, which you can take and send at any time on a long trip or hard work in the mine.

Craft pumpkin pie in minecraft is quite simple, and the replenishment of hunger is palpable, therefore, this type of food can be called quite suitable for implementation, especially since you can completely arrange a farm with pumpkin, cane and a small pen with chickens - i.e. The source of the necessary ingredients is always at hand.

Use in craft as an ingredient

Pumpkin pie as an ingredient is not used anywhere.

Minecraft recipes - pumpkin pie in the game can certainly come in handy, as you will not only diversify your character’s menu, but also increase the ability to produce food, and this is also a necessary and another decisive step forward in the game, as it is necessary to restore health on the trip make sure that the hunger bar is full.

If you are a true fan of Minecraft, then you must have a special cookbook. It usually houses various recipes in large quantities. As practice shows, this element is one of the most important and significant in the entire gameplay. This is done so that you have the opportunity at any suitable time to feed a virtual acting character with your delicious food, because he also wants to eat periodically.

Perhaps you have already been able to understand the fact that hunger is easily eliminated thanks to the timely use of a wide variety of dishes. However, until now, many users are asking a difficult question about what kind of dish needs to be prepared so that the selected character remains full for a long period of time? If you are looking for an easy-to-cook dish, then consider that a solution to the problem has been found, because Minecraft offers an already proven option.

How to make pumpkin pie

To make a pie in Minecraft, we need only 3 very affordable ingredients:

If all the ingredients are in place, then you should make a craft pie. To accomplish this, you need a workbench, not a stove.

By the way, a dish such as pumpkin pie in Minecraft is characterized by a relatively high saturation level, which reaches 4.8. When compared with bread or fish, then the above figure is much higher. This cake has one distinctive feature, thanks to which it instantly becomes the most popular dish in Minecraft. The fact is that you can very easily find all the necessary ingredients to ultimately make a culinary masterpiece - pumpkin pie.

For now, consider making the most delicious pumpkin pie character for Minecraft. First of all, you should find out some interesting facts about the virtual pumpkin, which will serve as a key ingredient during the preparation of the pie.

  • The very first pumpkin appearance was recorded in Minecraft Alfa 1.2.0.
  • At first she played the role of decoration.
  • After some time, certain beneficial properties were identified. Now with great success it can be used in the preparation of the pie.
  • Pumpkin is an excellent camouflage element that helps to hide from the Edge Wanderer. In particular, this can be checked when you look him directly in the face.
  • Pumpkin is an element in Minecraft that you can easily put on your character’s head. In addition, it is possible to use it as a helmet. If Halloween comes suddenly, then you can create a pumpkin lamp.
All a light night and bon appetit! :)

Today we’ll talk about how to make it in Minecraft. This is one of the most popular computer sandboxes today. The player is allowed to do whatever he wants, whether it is the construction of houses, castles or the whole city, collecting all kinds of resources, searching for ancient settlements in the depths of dark caves, filled with secrets and danger.

Before you figure out how to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft, we note that our main goal is to survive. And if you already get used to this, try to get the appropriate equipment and weapons and defeat the Dragon. But there is a problem in the game no less serious than the dragon. Hunger. Already on the second day of the game he will make himself felt, and if there is no oven or piece of meat at hand, but there is sugar, an egg, pumpkin, well, or pumpkin seeds, the question of how to craft pumpkin pie in Minecraft can be easily solved and to satisfy hunger.

Recipe and collection of necessary resources

The main advantage of this delicacy is that it can be prepared without any appliances directly in the inventory. For example, if hunger found you in a forest or a cave teeming with spiders. Searching for a workbench or stove in such a situation can lead to an undesirable outcome of the game. So, let's start collecting resources and making a pie.
. Pumpkin. She herself will grow from seeds. To create a garden we need an ordinary hoe and a simple block of land. Humidify, sow, wait about 3 gaming days - and the long-awaited fruit in our pocket. In a similar way, you can grow wheat.
. Egg. We need a chicken. In order not to miss it, it is necessary to enclose a small area with walls with a door. Once every 6-7 minutes, the chicken carries an egg. That is what we will need.
. Sugar. Just crafted from reeds. No third-party devices are required.


When all three ingredients are collected, place them in the crafting window. Here is such a simple and practical recipe. Now you know how to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

So, today we will talk with you about how to make a pie in Minecraft. It is worth getting acquainted with some of the ingredients that we need to get. Where and how much do they come from? What ratio are connected to? All this will be discussed today. So let's try to bake pumpkin pie in Minecraft as soon as possible.

Well, let's start with the inventory. In order to cook at Minecraft, we need a bucket. Even three. Why are they needed, we will talk with you a little later.

The thing is that this inventory can not be found anywhere in its pure form. Only craft yourself. This is done simply if you already have a good supply of resources. If not, you will have to suffer a little.

To create one bucket, you will have to combine three iron ingots. In fact, if you are interested in the question of how to make a pie in Minecraft, you will have to collect 9 of these items. They are obtained from iron blocks (1 cube is equal to 9 ingots), however, it is very difficult to find them. In addition, the material we need can be obtained by killing an iron golem or during processing of the corresponding ore. Iron mines are located in the Lower World at an altitude of up to 64 blocks. It is enough to dial 9 units of this resource and burn them in the stove. For 1 ore, get 1 ingot. After that, combine them in three pieces on a workbench, get buckets. Take it with you and go for the following ingredients.

Well, if you are thinking about how to make a pie in Minecraft, then, of course, worry about sugar in advance. This product cannot be dispensed with even in real life. No dessert will work.

But where can this item be obtained from? Of course, from the reed. Where is this plant located? Yes everywhere! Typically, it can be found in or near the water. Near lakes and reservoirs of reeds there are quite a lot. Just do not chop this plant: it is useful only in a living form, since the fruits resume on it over time. Gather more sugar, and then go in search of the following materials.

This product can be used in the preparation of pie, cake and pickled spider eye. In addition, sugar is required for feeding horses. Useful item. He certainly will not be superfluous. But what else is needed to get an answer to the question of how to make a pie at Minecraft?

Well, now let's try to figure out where we can get the next product for our idea. It's about chicken eggs. It is probably not so difficult to guess that the chicken gives this product while it is alive. In order to get this item, it is best to tame a couple of hens or build a chicken farm. You just need to feed the birds on time and then collect their eggs. The main thing is do not kill them, otherwise you will get only meat, which, in principle, is useless for a cake or pie. After you collect enough of this item (it is better to take a little more - pieces 6-8), you can begin to search for the remaining items for our dishes.

In order to figure out how to make a pie at Minecraft, we need another product. It's about a pumpkin. After all, we decided to cook pumpkin pie, which restores 8 units of health!

Pumpkin can be grown from the corresponding seeds. This vegetable is in the ground. Randomly generated. In order to learn how to bake a pie at Minecraft, you only need one such vegetable.

For the cake, we need to find 3 units of wheat. It is grown, like other cereals. In addition, now we need our buckets: they need to collect milk. It is taken from a tamed cow.

When all the foods you have, you can start cooking. Combine pumpkin, sugar and egg on a workbench. You will get pumpkin pie that you can sell or eat. If you combine 3 buckets of milk, wheat, sugar and eggs on the same workbench, you get a cake. That's all. Now you know how to cook pastries.

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game in which every player can do whatever they want. The main goal is to survive under any circumstances. However, after a few days of the game, there is such a problem as a feeling of hunger, which interferes with the normal gameplay. Therefore, if you have pumpkin or seeds, sugar and an egg, you can make a delicious pumpkin pie in minecraft. Such a treat will satisfy your hunger for a long time.

Craft Pumpkin Pie

The main advantage of pumpkin pie in minecraft is that it can be made in inventory without additional tools. For crafting you will need the following ingredients:

Place the prepared ingredients in the crafting grid in any order. A simple recipe for pumpkin pie is ready.

A dish such as pumpkin pie in minecraft has a high saturation level, it is 4.8. especially when compared with products such as fish or. Pumpkin pie is the most popular in minecraft, thanks to the available ingredients. With their help, it turns out not easy food, but a culinary masterpiece.


  • need to grow or find a pumpkin,
  • It will take a lot of time, products and several attempts.

The finished pie consists of six pieces, in order to eat, you need to return to the place where you left it. It is very satisfying. The recipe for this dish is sure to come in handy during the game. Thus, you can not only make the character’s menu varied and tasty, but also increase the productivity of food, and this is very important. Since the scale of hunger must be complete, for travel and health.