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How to save on fueling?

Every year the number of people who prefer personal vehicles is increasing. More than half of families move exclusively on their cars. At the same time, people are more and more puzzled by the issue of fuel economy every year. It doesn’t matter what purpose is pursued in this case, someone cares about a clean environment, someone is more concerned about saving their own budget. So how do you reduce gas mileage? If his costs increase every day?

What affects increased fuel consumption

Even the most economical machine can be quite voracious if the main components and assemblies are out of order. In this case, neither an economical driving style nor the use of additives will help.

There is a list of breakdowns that lead to the fact that the car begins to consume a large amount of fuel.

  1. A malfunction of one of the important devices: oxygen sensors, fuel consumption or idle.
  2. If the angle of the camber is initially set incorrectly, then this will directly affect the consumption of gasoline. It is important to check the descent / camber angle every 15 to 20 thousand km.
  3. If the car owner is too keen on tuning cars, then this also cannot but affect the increased consumption of gasoline. Even such seemingly familiar body kit elements as the “fly swatter”, as well as false arches, can affect the aerodynamic deterioration of the car and lead to subsequent cost overruns.
  4. Clogged fuel or air filters or the need to replace them.
  5. Prolonged overheating of the power unit leads to the combustion of a large amount of fuel in vain.
  6. Motor malfunction: timing belt is broken, problems with ignition or candles are unsuitable.

And this is not a complete list of malfunctions that lead to increased fuel consumption. It is important to keep the car in order from a technical point of view. In this case, you will save yourself from big expenses for the operation of a car.

Method 1 - the car needs to be inspected periodically

First you need to inspect the air filter by visual inspection. Such a simple operation can be done with a car of any make. If the working surface of the filter is noticeably dirty, this can significantly impede the flow of air into the engine, which will lead to increased fuel consumption. It is necessary to replace the filter - this procedure takes a minimum of time and does not require professional assistance.

Method 2 - you need to choose the right oil

It is possible to reduce fuel consumption by choosing the right engine oil. During the combustion of the fuel mixture, most of the important components of the car move. With poor oil quality, strong friction occurs between the parts, which affects the increase in energy consumption, and, accordingly, significantly increases fuel consumption. Therefore, it is so important to choose oil without errors, taking into account all the details: viscosity, age of the car, and operating features.

Method 4 - Travel Style Is Important

Often, the driving style with too sudden acceleration and braking at high speeds (this is also called a sports car driving style) leads to a significant increase in fuel consumption. It is equally important to avoid over gears when driving at low speed. It is necessary to control the position of the tachometer needle.

Method 5 - you need to track tire pressure

Those who are not the first year behind the wheel know exactly how the air pressure in the tires affects gas mileage. It is important to control the water indicator every time before the trip. The maximum pressure can be exceeded by 0.2 atm from the value recommended by the manufacturer. If the wheels are slightly inflated, the consumption of any fuel during the trip will increase. Manufacturers always clearly regulate the level of tire pressure on the rear, front axle.

Method 8 - choosing the right fuel grade

Everyone knows that the use of expensive gasoline with a high octane rating can significantly improve the dynamic characteristics of a car. At the same time, fuel consumption increases markedly. To save money, you should read the instructions of the automaker. Most likely, for your car, you can use gasoline with the lowest octane rating. As a rule, the older the car, the simpler the fuel (with the lowest octane rating) it needs.

Method 9 - take into account the weight of the car

The weight of the machine often affects fuel consumption. Experienced car owners know how to reduce fuel consumption by controlling the weight of the car. Light-weight cars consume several times less fuel than their heavier counterparts. At the same time, in order to reduce fuel consumption, it is often enough to remove all things from the luggage compartment, thereby reducing the weight of the car.

Method 11 - Avoid Venting

Those who like to open windows while driving for better ventilation of the cabin should be aware that this creates additional resistance to movement. As a result of overcoming aerodynamic drag, the motor requires additional power. Therefore, to save gas, it is necessary to close the windows while driving.

Method 12 - installation of HBO

There is one traditional method of saving fuel consumption - the transfer of the car to work on gas. Such re-equipment will significantly reduce fuel costs. This will significantly reduce the noise level, the exhaust will be cleaner, and the engine will start to work much softer. However, one should also take into account the disadvantages that arise as a result of such manipulation: the trunk volume will be reduced, the driving dynamics will decrease. At the same time, the acceleration speed decreases.

Method 14 - arrange a joint trip

When you go to work or study on the same route every day, you can always bring along companions in the form of acquaintances, friends or colleagues. If you divide the cost of gasoline at all, it will not be unprofitable at all, and you can save a lot. The same applies to suburban travel.

Method 15 - it is important to warm the engine

With the onset of cold weather, you need to take care of a good insulation of the power unit, which will allow you to significantly reduce the time it takes to warm it up. After all, the warm-up speed of a car directly affects fuel consumption. For heating, it is not necessary to use blankets that light up easily. Today, manufacturers offer special compact heaters that retain heat perfectly and withstand the effects of high and too low temperatures. The use of such devices makes it possible for a long time to maintain the desired temperature for a heated motor when you leave the car on business.

Method 16 - Use Autonomous Heaters

When the window is below freezing temperature, motorists are forced to switch to increased engine warm-up. To bring the engine of a car that has stood in the cold for some time to operating mode, an additional fuel consumption is required. At the same time, cold start can greatly reduce engine life. Alternatively, you can use a special car fan, which allows you to completely solve the problem of starting the power unit in the cold season. It is advisable to contact professionals for help in installing such a fan heater, since the car’s electric network is used to operate it.

Can we talk about fuel economy on a production car? Yes you can. Moreover, the more expensive the car, the less ways to put it on a diet. Let's go over the main points that can help in achieving the goal.

The desire to save on fuel consumption is something immortal. Even with the cost of a liter of gasoline of 10 kopecks (it was in history!), Homo sapiens went for any tricks that reduced fuel costs. Today, as we know, gasoline costs a little more than 10 kopecks, but because of this interest in the topic is alive and well.

Well, let’s recall the main ways to implement the idea.

Motor oil

There is not much to save. Almost all modern oils (above SL) can be considered energy-saving, and therefore we can talk about some kind of gain only in comparison with the ancient mineral water 15W-40 of the SJ class. However, the numbers in this case can be good - 5-6 percent. And in separate modes - for example, minimally stable idling - up to 10%. True, recently they have been trying hard to accustom us to oils 0W-20 - they say, savings are obvious: oil is like water. Well, in the winter - yes, maybe. But in the summer there may be trouble.

Method 18 - do not forget to use bonuses

Most of the fuel companies in our country use marketing moves to attract more customers. Such marketing moves include bonus cards for regular customers. They allow you to purchase fuel at a discount. Usually bonus points are awarded when the tank is full, and in the future it will be possible to buy gasoline, taking into account the accumulated points.

When filling gasoline with the highest octane rating, three points are given per liter. Gradually accumulated bonuses can be used to fill fuel, which makes it possible to save money. If the volumes of purchased fuel increase, then the percentage of discounts will proportionally increase.

spark plug

With candles, everything is clear. The energy of the spark discharge gives impetus to the flame front, the propagation velocity of which directly affects the economy, power, ecology, etc. The speed of flame propagation depends on the temperature squared, and the temperature in the initial phase, when the flame is still “sitting” in the interelectrode space, on the discharge energy. This dependence is especially noticeable when ignition is difficult - at a low voltage in the primary ignition circuit, at minimum idle speed and low load conditions, when a lot of residual gases remain in the chamber. Our tests showed that a well-selected pair of spark plugs plus wire can improve the efficiency of the motor by 2-3%.

Much also depends on the clearance in the candles. The larger the gap, the larger the spark, and hence the size of the initial ignition source. And the flame front propagation velocity strongly depends on the geometric size of the initial ignition zone. But with an increase in the gap, its resistance also increases. This means that breakdown will occur at a higher voltage in the secondary circuit. And it is important that this voltage is generally enough for a breakdown! Therefore, for injection engines in which the voltage in the secondary circuit is higher than that of carburetor engines, it is recommended to set large gaps. In addition, with an increase in the gap, the likelihood of shunting the electrodes by all kinds of “soot bridges” decreases - this is also important.

From candles to wires. Owners of old women should know that good wires regularly contribute their five kopecks to economic theory. Here, the quality and density of the contact tip, the tightness of the cap, the value of the distributed resistance, and the length of the wire play a role. The latter circumstance is especially interesting. Almost all manufacturers of wires offer the consumer products of different lengths - for ease of installation. However, in this case, spark discharges have to overcome a different distance, and therefore the uniformity of the internal combustion engine operation is violated. If the wires had zero resistance, then of course there would be no difference, but, according to ISO standards, it should be within the tolerances for radio interference. Therefore, the resistance is present both in the spark plugs and in the wires, and no one is monitoring the total resistance of the pair. But it would be nice.

Method 19 - pay for gas with a credit card

Almost everyone has a Visa or MasterCard. Such cards are issued by many banks when opening a current account. It is the presence of the card that allows you to significantly save on the purchase of fuel. Banks often conclude a special contract with a network of gas stations. As a result, customers receive a 5 percent discount when paying for gas with a card. Such programs today operate in almost all banks. You can find out if you will receive a discount when paying for fuel with a card at a gas station or when calling the bank that issued your card.

Air filter

Oil filters also affect flow, but relatively little. And here, to a certain extent, the size of the filter affects. After all, it acts as a small oil cooler for the engine, which can contain up to 10–20% of the total oil volume.

According to the results of our tests, installing a “cool” filter can improve the efficiency of the machine by a couple of percent.

Gas refueling

Which is better: compressed or liquefied? Compressed is methane, liquefied is a propane-butane mixture. Liquefied - much calorie, and cylinders for its storage are more compact. But it is heavier than air, and therefore, if you store the car in the garage, there can be problems: with a leak, it does not rise up and is not ventilated like methane, but accumulates below. He loves pits and all kinds of cellars: pumping him out of there is not easy. And this is a fire hazard. Such cars are often simply not allowed into underground parking lots.

Fuel equipment for liquefied gas is simpler and cheaper, and gas stations are much larger - this is also an argument in his favor. Compressed gas is cheaper, less fire hazard, and more environmentally friendly - because it is methane, and it burns better than the propane-butane mixture.

Gas stations in Africa

We will express ourselves carefully: never pour all kinds of drugs at least into warranty cars. At the end of the warranty period - experiment on health. As for the Zarulev tests, in some cases a small fuel economy was actually achieved - within a couple of percent.

We have never fixed the promised 8-10 percent or more. Just note that the promised effect can usually be used to judge the seriousness of the authors of the idea. Savings of 20, 30 and more percent are promised only by charlatans. In any case, in our experience, no one has yet managed to dig out tens of percent of savings hidden inside a well-tuned and finished ICE design. If we see, we’ll immediately inform you.

Spark plug

They say that the malfunction of this unit directly affects the performance of the machine. The more often replacement takes place, the more economical fuel is consumed. The manufacturer indicates a period of 15,000 km, as an average, and popular "kulibins" say about 10,000 km.

There is a rational grain in this, only in a different direction. Bad and dirty gasoline are a source of malfunctioning candles. Insufficient ignition occurs, interruptions, the engine begins to troit. In some cases, a drop in power leads to a two-fold increase in consumption, an average factor of 1.5 times. Where is the truth: the candles must be changed, but after they filled in bad gasoline at a gas station. For example, in Europe, a candle can go up to 100,000 km, the reason for everything is the excellent quality of fuel.

Surface carbon formation

The work of the auxiliary equipment of the car leads to the consumption of electric power, and therefore to an increase in fuel consumption. Heating devices for the cabin, windshield and rear window, tape recorder, and this is not a complete list of "consumers". The average consumption is 0.800 grams per 100 km. run.

We simulate the situation that all gadgets are activated at the same time, then the expense increased by 20 - 25%. In fact, the numbers are somewhat exaggerated. Third-party gadgets and other things contribute to the increase, but only by 7-8%, no more. The lion's share of the overspending falls on the furnace heater, which we use in the winter. Climate control (air conditioning): its requests only increase when the interior windows are open, otherwise it does not exceed the standard limit.

Inertia of the movement of the machine during the descent from the mountain

Since Soviet times, there is a similar opinion. There is rationality in this, but the indicators are somewhat different. So, when descending on neutral, the engine eats 4 - 5 l / 100 km, while descending at a speed of 0.9 - 1.0 l / 100 km. Saving on the face.

The above method of reducing consumption is effective only for the carburetor type, the injector cannot boast of such efficiency, consider this. This method is not recommended to be abused at all, since in the hot season, the brake system overheats and often fails. Accident is inevitable.

Riding for heavy vehicles

Often we hear that for a trip over long distances it is best to “get in” behind a truck on the highway, thus reducing consumption. In practice, the opposite is true, 90% of drivers seek to overtake a truck, so as not to trail behind it at a speed of 90 - 100 km / h.

Repeated experiments have confirmed a lower consumption, since there is a smooth ride without sharp jumps and speed modes. The final coefficient is 10%. How justified it is, decide for yourself. There is a significant difference from European "trucks", as the technical condition is much higher than our analogues. Не станем скрывать, что порой лучше обогнать дымящую и пыхтящую фуру, нежели дышать в салоне копотью.

Использование шин нужного размера и давления

Об этом знают даже самые молодые автовладельцы. Перекачка шин на 7 – 10 % приведёт к снижению расхода топлива на 4,0 %. На фоне этого, в продаже существует множество предложений о продаже спецшин, позволяющих экономить на 5,0 %. In fact, this is nothing more than a myth and another marketing ploy.

Each driver is required to check the tire pressure every two weeks, if necessary, pump or lower. Especially when it comes to the summer period, the pressure increases in proportion to the increase in ambient temperature. Each vehicle has its own parameters; for more details, see the operating instructions for your car.

Exceeding the atmospheric threshold positively affects the fuel consumption of the engine, but negatively affects the chassis of the machine, which often fails.

How to reduce fuel consumption in a car with automatic transmission?

If drivers on a car with a manual gearbox can gradually combine coasting with measured braking and acceleration, then owners of cars with automatic transmission do not have such an opportunity. In this case, you can use the following recommendations:

  1. During a stop, try to put the gear lever in a neutral position. Thus, the transmission will be disconnected from the motor, which will perfectly affect the fuel consumption.
  2. When driving on a country road, do not forget to use the cruise control function.
  3. If your car with automatic transmission is equipped with Winter mode, turn it on as often as possible. The fact is that this mode significantly reduces the load on the engine due to the fact that a lower gear is engaged at low revs.

Mark and composition of gasoline

The mixture should be poured, which is clearly stated in the instruction manual, not lower. An important role in this process is played by all kinds of additives and cleaners of fuel systems. On the one hand, they partially help to remove light forms of deposits, soot, and on the other hand, they complicate combustion due to the accumulation of waste.

Given the high cost of quality additives, low efficiency, partial clogging of fuel channels, it is better to refrain from using them. The situation with the injector is somewhat different, since with insufficient oxygen, the on-board computer gives the command to open the valve and enrich the mixture, and vice versa. As a result of such surges, the increase in gasoline increases by 10%.

The high-octane composition is also harmful no less than the A-95 grade. Top brands basically contain the “95th” gasoline, plus a package of additives with iron. A motor may fail if it is not designed for this class.

Quick tips for reducing fuel consumption

Summarizing the above, we make the following list of recommendations to reduce the consumption of vehicles:

  1. Bring your driving style to the smoothest. Dynamic acceleration, braking, overtaking,
  2. try to cooperate with tenants - neighbors on the issue of going to work and dividing money in equal shares,
  3. Highly recommended to avoid traffic jams. Go around their tenth road,
  4. Pay less attention to the marketing ploy of many manufacturers. Refuel only clean gas,
  5. Carry out scheduled technical inspections in your vehicle in a timely manner,
  6. in the winter season, store equipment in the garage,
  7. warm up the car for 2 to 3 minutes before each trip.

Observing such simple rules, you will reduce fuel consumption by several tens of percent, and what else is needed. Good luck to you.

Magnetic Throwers

Fuel Free, Fuel Saver are special magnetic economizers that need to be placed on the gas supply hose as close as possible to the supply nodes, as well as the main cylinders. Such media work quite simply. The magnetic field created by powerful neodymium magnets (an alloy of iron, neodymium and boron) affects the molecular structure of the fuel. At the moment when the magnetic lines of force begin to intersect, the structure of gasoline changes, the surface tension is distorted, the polarization of the molecules increases, the solubility of oxygen increases noticeably, the burning rate begins to increase, and the detonation resistance decreases. Under this influence, the combustion of hot will gain greater efficiency, while reducing the amount of exhaust gases.

Economizer for equalizing the power supply

Fuel Shark - a device for saving fuel, it is an electrolytic capacitor. It works from the car’s on-board network, significantly reducing the load on its battery. In the course of its work, the operation of the electrical network of the machine is significantly leveled, which is a guarantee of a stable supply of voltage to the spark plugs, a high-quality spark is created. The result of these actions is a more efficient combustion of fuel. Such an economizer must be put in the cigarette lighter socket. This device can save 30 percent of fuel.

This device allows you to convert liquid fuel into a gaseous state. The cavitator is a small design that is equipped with a tube of variable cross-section, mounted behind the gasoline pump. Liquid fuel at the molecular level is characterized by long chains of molecules, they give a rather low combustion efficiency. The cavitator destroys such chains, which leads to more efficient combustion of fuel. In this case, while maintaining its dynamic parameters, the machine will have lower fuel consumption. The cavitator-economizer can extract the heaviest fractions from the fuel.

The device is equipped with an additional filter.

That is why when it is installed, a fuel mixture with a higher degree of purification enters the combustion chambers. All this increases the efficiency of the fuel system and reduces the risk of engine failure.

ATW impulse

This economizer was designed for cars equipped with 12 volt batteries. The device is connected directly to the battery terminals. The pulses created by him accelerate the process of charging the battery. As a result, the energy consumption of the generator is reduced. Given the technical specifications that the manufacturer claims, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20%.

Now you know how to reduce gas mileage without resorting to expensive methods. All of these methods with proper use can significantly save fuel. The main thing is not to overdo it so that it does not harm your car during operation.

Energy saving tires

Of the simpler methods, it can be suggested to follow the instructions regarding the pressure in standard tires when driving at high speeds. Raising the pressure by 0.2 bar in front of a long road, we will provide slightly lower fuel consumption. And all-all-all motorists are advised to simply monitor the pressure in the tires. Reduced affects the economy, controllability and resistance of the sidewall of the tire to breakdowns on the potholes of our roads. And excessively inflated tires make the car too stiff.


This, of course, is not a Zarulevsky approach to business, but one can dream up. If the converter is in working condition, then the behavior of the motor will practically not change. His resistance is not so great as to "stifle" the issue. But if it is completely clogged with sediments and acts as a kind of “jam” at the outlet, then the motor will certainly feel this. If we consider such sadism as a way to save, it will work, of course. But at the same time you become a criminal messing up the atmosphere.

And if you apply all at once?

Once we conducted a similar experiment on a standard VAZ engine, bringing together the winners of the expertise of recent years. The meaning was simple: first they drove the engine in standard equipment on ordinary gasoline, and then slowly they began to throw “sweets” to the engine. We started with washing gasoline, then changed the candles to iridium ones, then changed the air filter to Boshevsky, poured cool Shell oil. And every time they watched: is there a difference in the behavior of the motor?

There is a difference - and a solid one. The best components at the time of testing, installed on a conventional motor with a complete set for Cinderella, gave a total effect on fuel consumption of about 9%. It is curious that the simple sum of the effects recorded from each product in “single skating” turned out to be higher. So it should have been - there is a complete analogy with the children's task mentioned above. A simple addition of effects does not work - there is always a mutual influence of processes in the motor.

Why aren't all these improved facilities used on the assembly line? Because of the money, of course.

The planet Mars

The famous science fiction Robert Sheckley had a creepy story "Absolute weapons." On Mars, they found a lost arsenal with inconceivable weapons, and the last found a box with the inscription "Absolute weapon." They foolishly discovered - from there a certain cloud surfaced, which began to devour everything, he needed protoplasm. And he did not care about the force fields and other tricks of less than perfect types of military equipment. In short, everyone died.

Most drivers simply cannot imagine how to drive a car without sudden braking and acceleration. You must leave the intersection first, and attempts to get in front of your nose should be stopped in the bud. Meanwhile, the main reserve in terms of saving is here: after all, the main energy is required just to give acceleration to the mass. Therefore, fuel consumption on the same car in the same conditions can easily differ by tens or even hundreds of percent!

ZR conducted similar experiments repeatedly. A typical example was described here, the reaction of US specialists was also noted there. The point is that the serial Volvo S60 with an automatic transmission and 170-horsepower engine calmly overcame 1,440 km on one tank, having run without refueling from Moscow to St. Petersburg and back. However, I can’t say that it was a turtle pace - not at all. But nevertheless, the information then caused a very negative reaction among many: once I bought a powerful car, there’s nothing to shake my wallet: I drowned my right pedal and rushed.

Yes, of course - the majority travels like that. But we are now discussing ways to save fuel. And the majority mentioned have to refuel the car even when traveling one way. I drove 500 kilometers, and the 70-liter tank is already winking - they say, it would be necessary to add. So much for the savings of hundreds of percent: 500 or 1,440 km - is there a difference?

Overloaded car

As you can see, there are relatively few ways to save fuel. But in return there is a whole bunch of options to waste it aimlessly. For those who are not afraid to find their own in one of these options, we suggest looking here.

Good luck to everyone on the road ... and at the gas station!

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