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How to change the standard cursor on the site?

The instructions below will discuss how to change the mouse pointer in Windows 10, 8.1 or Windows 7, install their set (theme), and if you wish, even create your own and use it in the system. By the way, I recommend remembering: the arrow that you move with the mouse or touchpad on the screen is called not the cursor, but the mouse pointer, but for some reason most people call it not quite right (however, in Windows, the pointers are stored in the Cursors folder).

Mouse pointer files have the extension .cur or .ani - the first for a static pointer, the second for an animated one. You can download mouse cursors from the Internet or make them yourself using special programs or even almost without them (I will show the method for a static mouse pointer).

Set mouse pointers

In order to change the default mouse pointers and set your own, go to the control panel (in Windows 10 this can be done quickly through a search in the taskbar) and select the "Mouse" - "Pointers" section. (If the mouse is not in the control panel, switch “View” in the upper right to “Icons”).

I recommend that you save the current scheme of mouse pointers in advance, so that if you don’t like your own work, you can easily return to the original pointers.

To change the mouse cursor, select the pointer to be replaced, for example, “Basic mode” (simple arrow), click “Browse” and specify the path to the pointer file on your computer.

Similarly, if necessary, change the rest of the pointers with your own.

If you downloaded a whole set (theme) of mouse pointers on the Internet, then often in the folder with pointers you can find a .inf file for installing a theme. Right-click on it, click Install, and then go to the Windows mouse pointer settings. In the list of schemes you can find a new topic and apply it, thereby automatically changing all the mouse cursors.

How to create your own cursor

There are ways to make the mouse pointer manually. The simplest one is to create a png file with a transparent background and your mouse cursor (I used the size 128 × 128), and then convert it to a .cur cursor file using an online converter (I did on The resulting pointer can be installed in the system. The disadvantage of this method is the inability to indicate the “active point” (the conditional end of the arrow), and by default it is obtained just below the upper left corner of the image.

There are also many free and paid programs for creating your own static and animated mouse pointers. About 10 years ago, I was interested in them, but now there is really nothing to advise, except maybe Stardock CursorFX (this developer has a whole set of excellent programs for decorating Windows). Perhaps readers can share their ways in the comments.

And suddenly it will be interesting:

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11/12/2015 at 19:34

Thank you for the article!

11/23/2016 at 20:12

Good evening,
in the personalization menu the item “change of mouse pointers” has disappeared and in the mouse properties there is no “pointers” item at the top. Please tell me, can I recover without having administrator rights?

11.24.2016 at 10:01

Irina, hello.
To be honest, I have never seen such a thing and there are no ideas for restoration. Although administrator rights are not needed for this functionality.

05/18/2018 at 22:34

I poked around the cursor in the settings and messed up a bit - the cursor now seems to be “highlighted”, that is, it glows in light blue. How to fix it?

07/04/2018 at 23:48

Hello, try to find the Default button in each section.

07/30/2018 at 15:31

The description of entering the “Control Panel” section in Windows 10 is not relevant. You can easily get to the Control Panel by clicking on the "Search" icon next to the "Start" and typing "Control Panel" in the search box that opens.

07/31/2018 at 08:36

Corrected, thanks.
I do not have time to change the descriptions everywhere (with each update, some minor nuances change)

11/02/2018 at 21:01

Thank you for the information, I always suffered and set each cursor mode individually, now I learned that there is simply inf

02/11/2019 at 12:59

Good afternoon!
All your articles are very and very useful !!
In this regard, there is one IMPORTANT question for me: maybe you have info how to change the “mouse arrow on Android”. This topic is very rare and often those who give any comments, slurred or incorrectly express their thoughts.

02/11/2019 at 16:54

Hello. Thanks for the tip, but I'm afraid I won’t be able to tell you how to do this on android.

02/12/2019 at 00:05

And THANKS for that!

02/12/2019 at 00:56

Dear Dmitry!
Just information. Maybe someday someone will have a similar problem. This is due to the fact that today TV boxes have significantly replaced computers and laptops in the entertainment segment: films, games, sharing, etc., etc. A small box completely replaces a huge, in comparison with it, a warbler! Moreover, the buckets have completely different tasks. Various programs for watching movies, etc. have sunk into oblivion.
So I liked the tv boxing! Of course, they are all different, but the principle of use is one - entertainment! Since I'm not a gamer, then 2GB of RAM and 16GB of iternals on board are enough with my head! But then bad luck happened: take it and give your elderly relatives such a wonderful little thing, and there was so much joy that it is impossible to describe in words! (And this despite the fact that they are fine with computers at the ordinary user level ...) However, the joy was somewhat blurred by the small, in size, mouse pointer (wireless keyboard), and even after the "Large mouse pointer" it, the pointer, from a distance of 4 meters it turned out to be negligible, and besides it was still black with a faded border! And even Ostap Bender himself could not stand such a blow! Immediately I promised to solve this problem in the near future, but it wasn’t there: the android is not Windows for you, where you can change, change almost anything, in just a couple of clicks! I started to google-shmuglly and it turned out that this problem exists, however, so far not many have practical solutions (as I already wrote, there are so few, and they are all crumpled and slurred) simply do not! I tried several options and as a result I had to reflash the device a few times!
I repeat, this is just infa, as for you, completely NEW!
At this stage, I have stopped my experiments, but I warned my relatives: this is not an easy task - it is not Windows for you!
Sorry for the long speech.
Regards, Eugene.

02/12/2019 at 07:26

Well, the essence of the problem is clear. Googled on a topic from the most deserving at first glance trust (did not try) with the ability to transfer logic to other devices, this instruction came across: (in English). But it is associated with root access and editing system resources.
But here it turns out that we are not able to change the size, the sizes are systemic, but we can change its appearance, i.e., for example, make it white.

02/14/2019 at 14:18

Thank you so much! We will try!
The fact is that the device, and this is W95 rutted by the manufacturer, which, of course, adds optimism!

02/15/2019 at 00:21

Most interesting: Ukrainian brand "MIRTA" in NEW YORK! the best brand can not rut! Image 4k, SUPER !? sound - so-so, But rut NOPOSIBLE!
and how did it get to the states ??

02/15/2019 at 00:37

Hello Dmitry!
First: Thank you very much for the tips and links!
Secondly: AAgromny tnx !!

02/15/2019 at 11:45

So it turned out) Great!

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Making a custom cursor on the site

If you want to change the cursor on the entire site, then add the following to the styles of your site:

In the code you need to change the address to your cursor. The cursor itself can be like a regular image (extensions * .png, * .gif, * .jpg, * .ico) or have a special cursor extension * .cur

If you want to change the cursor, for example, only when you hover over a link or an object you need, insert:

Here .link - this is the class of the link, and when you hover over it, our cursor will appear.

Standard CSS Properties for Changing the Cursor

If you don’t want to overload your site with third-party cursors, you can use the standard CSS properties. What each property is is reflected in the table below. Hover over a cell and your cursor will change.

cursor: auto,cursor: default,cursor: none,
cursor: context-menu,cursor: help,cursor: pointer,
cursor: progress,cursor: wait,cursor: cell,
cursor: crosshair,cursor: text,cursor: vertical-text,
cursor: alias,cursor: copy,cursor: move,
cursor: no-drop,cursor: not-allowed,cursor: all-scroll,
cursor: n-resize,cursor: e-resize,cursor: s-resize,
cursor: w-resize,cursor: col-resize,cursor: row-resize,
cursor: nw-resize,cursor: se-resize,cursor: sw-resize,
cursor: ew-resize,cursor: nesw-resize,cursor: nwse-resize,
cursor: zoom-in,cursor: zoom-out,cursor: grabbing,
cursor: grab,cursor: ns-resize,cursor: ne-resize,

To apply these properties, you also copy what you need and apply to objects on your site, for example:

And as a bonus, we offer you a small selection of beautiful cursors that you can use on your site.

See also:

We go in Start, Control panels. View switch to Large icons and choose Mouse.

A window will open in which we go to the tab “Pointers”. Select the pointer we need, for example, first “Primary Index” and press the button Overview… The C: Windows Cursors folder will open immediately (into which we have already copied our new pointers). Highlight the desired pointer and press the button Open.

You will see that one pointer has changed. Do this with all other pointers, or only with the ones you want to change.

When done, you need to save our circuit. Press button Save as… Enter the name of the scheme and click Ok.

Almost done! It remains only to press the button To apply and Ok.

That's all, new and beautiful cursors are set! Already it became more pleasant to work :). Good luck!

First way

In order to change the mouse cursor using the built-in windows tools, you must go start and open Control Panel.

Next we go design and personalization.

Let's go again personalization

Next, open the masonry change of mouse pointers.

So we got to the mouse settings. Next, go to the top tab pointers.

In the settings window, select the arrow you need and click ok.

This method has one minus, it is the lack of choice of arrows. You can also turn on and off the shadow of the mouse.

At the expense of the second method, you need the Internet. If you have it, the Internet goes further.

Way two

To get started, you need to go to

This site is designed to decorate windows. To select the icon to taste go to the masonry CursorFX Cursors

Choose the icon you need and download

Next, go explore, hover over CursorFX Cursors and click download.

Then enter the email address. An e-mail with a download link will come to the indicated mail. We follow the link, download our mouse cursor for Windows and install. After installation, the program itself has a small selection where you can also install the arrows we downloaded.

Know that this program is paid. The first 30 days are free, and then you have to pay, so the choice is yours. Tell us in the comments if you managed to change the mouse cursor to a new view.

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