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American Express Card - Nuances of Getting and Using

You pay only $ 2 for ATM withdrawals, but the first one for a month is free. That's all.

Who pays for an American Express card for

  • People who want to receive a payment card without a credit check.
  • People with bad credit who are not eligible for a credit card.
  • People who want a cheaper alternative to a secured credit card.

Credit Rating Required

  • No credit check required

About American Express Payment Card


  • No recharge fees.
  • No monthly fee.
  • Easy reboot from a bank account, MoneyPak or American Express card.
  • Merchandise purchased with a card is covered by Amex Purchase Protection.
  • Free roadside assistance.


  • Restart limits may be too small for some people.
  • Lack of direct contribution to salary.
  • No payment online payments.
  • Cannot be used as a replacement for a bank account.
  • Three to five days if you download funds from a bank account.
  • Not for sale in Arkansas and Vermont.

Update limit

  • Maximum balance at any time: $ 2, 500.
  • Maximum load in any 28-day period: $ 2, 500.
  • Maximum daily load: $ 500.
  • Minimum load: $ 25.


  • Monthly fee: None.
  • Cooldown: None.
  • ATM fee: US $ 2 each, the first for a month for free (the operator of the Order may charge a fee).
  • Customer service: free.

American Express Prepaid Card Review

Too many prepaid credit cards are a big risk. They charge high monthly fees, recharge fees, or ATM fees, or all three. And there is no need for this - they do it because they believe that many people who receive prepaid cards desperately need a credit card and are easily unloaded.

The latest Amex prepaid card has no fees. The fee for Amex is only $ 2 for ATM transactions, but the first time a month is free. This is pretty much the case. This makes this card one of the cheapest prepaid cards on the market.

The card has its drawbacks. If you upload a card with a bank account, you will have to wait three to five business days for downloading the money.

You can only upload $ 2,000 per card per month, and at each point in time, you can have a maximum of $ 2 per card. You cannot load more than $ 500 per card per day. This means that you cannot direct your salary, as many people do. There is also no payment for online payments, so you cannot use this card instead of a bank account.

But there are many other advantages that you do not get with other prepaid cards, next to the low price. Everything you buy with your card is covered by the Amex Purchase Protection Plan. If your card is lost or stolen, Amex will transfer the remaining funds to the new card for free. And there is no fee for communicating with customers, many other prepaid card companies charge you a lot for this privilege. There's even a roadside assistance plan.

You can also download the card by purchasing Green Dot MoneyPak, which is sold in many stores. For a limited time, Amex will return a MoneyPak fee of up to $ 4. 95.


This is one of the cheapest prepaid cards on the market. If you do not mind the relatively low reset limits on this card, I highly recommend this.

This card is a better and cheaper option than the American Express PASS Prepaid Card, which is designed for teenagers and costs $ 3. 95 per month.

You can order up to three cards, so it is ideal for providing family members. The PASS card has more control over this, so if you do not trust your teenager, stick to this card.

Capital One Prepaid Card is still the best prepaid card on the market. It has lower ATM rates than an Amex card, and its $ 4. A 95 monthly fee is easy to avoid if you download more than $ 500 per month. It also has much higher load limits and online payments.

Apply for an American Express® prepaid card.

general information

Only a limited number of Russian banks provide American Express cards. These include the Russian Standard or Raiffeisenbank, but although such products are considered not too popular, they have many indisputable advantages.

This system is considered the most popular in the USA and Canada. Credit cards work on a modern and multi-functional payment unit, so not all trade organizations in Russia have the necessary devices to interact with it.

Pros and Cons of American Express

American Express has many undeniable advantages. It is advisable to use the cards of this payment system to citizens who need to regularly visit other countries, as they have numerous privileges for travelers.

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The main advantages of using include:

  • You can pay for goods and services in almost any country in the world,
  • partners offer numerous discounts and bonuses,
  • if you buy plane tickets using a card, the recipient automatically becomes the insured person, and you don’t have to pay any funds for insurance,
  • holders of such payment instruments can enjoy unique privileges, which is why travel agencies are often involved in booking tickets or preparing documentation,
  • in different countries there are many partners of the system, so if you use plastic in different cafes, restaurants or other entertainment venues, you can count on serious discounts.

But while there are many positive aspects to using American Express, there are some disadvantages to using this product. These include the fact that only a limited number of banks offer such cards. It is especially problematic to get it in small cities.

A product is produced if necessary to pay a significant amount, and the cost of maintenance is considered quite high.

Where to get a card in Russia

If you want to become the owner of such plastic, you must first decide which commercial Russian banks issue it. These include Russian Standard, Raiffeisenbank and Uralsib.

The number of organizations offering the design of such a card is regularly increasing, so you need to clarify this information yourself. Until 2014, products of such a payment system were offered by Sberbank, but now production has stopped.

To get a card, the following actions are performed:

  • the bank that offers the best conditions is initially selected,
  • whether the card is debit or credit,
  • you can even go directly to American Express Bank, but it is located exclusively in the capital of Russia,
  • if you choose the classic version of the card, then you will have to pay 1.5 thousand rubles a year for maintenance, but if you choose a gold status, then the cost of service is 6 thousand rubles.,
  • the most favorable conditions are established by platinum status, but its cost per year is 15 thousand rubles.,
  • an application for the receipt of the product is drawn up,
  • if you need a debit card, then you don’t need to prove your solvency, and if you need a credit card, a certificate from the place of work is brought in and the citizen’s credit history is checked.

Which American Express card is the most elite, this video will tell:

Types and features of cards

When choosing American Express products, you can arrange different types of plastic. These include:

  • American Express Card. It is considered the most popular option. A credit card provides a limit of up to 450 thousand rubles. at a rate of 36%. The interest-free period is 55 days. For new customers, the cost of service is 1.5 thousand rubles. Immediately upon obtaining this status, a citizen becomes a participant in the insurance program, and can also count on various discounts in numerous hotels, shops and restaurants.
  • American Express Gold Card. It offers numerous bonuses and additional features. You can get plane tickets for free if you accumulate a sufficient number of bonuses.
  • The Platinum Card. It is considered an elite product, so there are many special privileges for holders. An individual service is offered, and a special chip is inserted to increase the safety of using plastic.
  • Blue card. It is characterized by the presence of flexible and comfortable conditions. Options are set exclusively for each recipient. Plastic itself has a unique and bright design, since transparent material is used to create it. If you buy goods at a price exceeding 10 thousand dollars, then such a purchase is insured automatically. Additionally, a cashback of up to 2% of the money spent is set.

What are the conditions on the Blue card, see the video:

Terms of Use

When using this plastic, some conditions are taken into account:

  • can be issued in rubles or foreign currency,
  • for the release and activation of plastic is paid from 6 thousand rubles.,
  • interest rate depends on the chosen currency,
  • the limit can reach 500 thousand rubles.,
  • grace period is 55 days,
  • for service annually paid from 1.5 thousand rubles.

You can even get a gold or platinum card, but you will have to pay significant funds for maintenance.

Technical details

The main parameters of such cards include:

  • plastic is provided both in rubles and in foreign currency,
  • the product is valid for five years,
  • the credit limit usually does not exceed 150 thousand rubles in Russian banks,
  • To prevent fraud in relation to funds in the account, a reliable 3-D Secure system is used.

A significant plus is that all holders can count on numerous privileges and bonuses.

Where are accepted

In Russia, you can use such products in a limited number of shops and institutions. That is what is considered a drawback of this payment system. To understand where American Express products are received, you need to study the appearance of the terminals, since they must have a special system logo.

When is it profitable to use

It is advisable to issue this card only to citizens who regularly travel, therefore they constantly use the services of restaurants, hotels and other institutions in foreign countries. In addition, it is advantageous to pay for plane tickets with it.

Thus, American Express cards are considered popular, although they are issued only by a limited number of Russian banks. They are not accepted at all stores and establishments. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase the product for frequent travel.

Online application for a card

To apply for a credit card, select the option you want from the list provided and click on the Go button. The system will redirect you to the online application page from the official website of the bank.

In electronic form indicate:

  • Date of birth.
  • Address of residence.
  • Contact information.
  • Information from the passport.
  • Credit limit amount.

Send a request for consideration and wait for a call from the bank operator for further questioning. You will receive the decision in the SMS notification. If it is positive, visit the bank branch with a passport, sign the agreement and pick up the card.

In many financial institutions, you can get an express credit card remotely: by mail or by courier. To do this, at the registration stage, indicate the desired method of obtaining the card.

What are express cards?

Such credit cards include co-branded and all non-named cards. You can get them not only at the bank’s office, but also at the points of sale of many stores, at stands in large shopping centers, etc. They are issued instantly, without proof of income.

In some financial institutions, an express credit card is provided as an additional payment instrument to the main card. It is tied to a credit account, but the limit on cash withdrawals and the number of transactions are limited.

An instant card is issued, usually free of charge.

Credit Card Reviews


“I constantly buy groceries in the Pyaterochka supermarket. And when he found out that Post Bank issued a card of the same name, he immediately issued it. Use is convenient and profitable. For every payment in the store I get bonuses. They can pay for purchases. "



“I have several credit cards. One of them is Ikea from Credit Europe Bank. I received it to pay for purchases in this hypermarket. They gave her at the checkout. The card is not named, therefore, only a passport was required for registration. A credit card is profitable, but only when paying with Ikea. There are discounts for holders for the purchase of any product. For example, the purchase of a sofa cost me 2000 r. less retail price. ”