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How to become impudent?


It's time to throw the pink glasses aside and meet with real life face to face. In the modern world, only one is successful who knows how to be cunning, arrogant and aggressive. A healthy man, without these qualities, turns into a loser. Do not believe?

How to become more impudent?

According to psychologists, there is a “peppercorn” in any girl. You just need to let your insolence reveal itself. Someone succeeds without much difficulty due to the bright temperament and natural sociability. But if you are not very confident in yourself, somewhat shy, then to solve the problem of how to become a bold girl, then it is worth listening to the recommendations of experts.

  1. Become cheeky, but in moderation - not vulgar and rude, but more sincere and honest in your emotions, do not be afraid to laugh among people, smile at someone else’s joke and answer it, do not pretend that everything is in order, if it’s not, not to be indifferent.
  2. Do not be afraid to be tactless, forget about an excusing tone and a shy smile, always attack! The impudent girl will not be silent, and if she feels awkward, she will say so directly.
  3. Learn to be witty. If you are deprived of this talent by nature, educate it in yourself by memorizing quotes, vivid phrases, aphorisms. Every day, lose in your mind cases in which you could show off the sharpness of your mind, and you can definitely answer the other person in the real situation.
  4. Become more confident in order not to depend on the opinions of others. You should start with the appearance, because it is she who largely determines the female self-esteem. The impudent girl is not afraid to dress differently from everyone, to wear what she likes, to have her own unique style.
  5. Do not be afraid to be funny. Learn to laugh at yourself, but do not become a laughing stock.

How to become a bold bitch?

Often those who are looking for the answer to the question of how to become an impudent girl, They are also interested in becoming a bitch. After all, this image is even more popular among the opposite sex.

Bitch is the highest level of insolence. To achieve it, you need:

  • to become a selfish person - above all, to put oneself and one’s desires,
  • become a naughty girl - absolutely ignore the sidelong glances of others,
  • stop being lazy, your credo is energy and activity in everything,
  • to become realistic - to stop seeing the world in pink, to be a little cynical.

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How to become an impudent and impudent girl: tips

You constantly have problems at work, in school and in your personal life just because you are too unsure of yourself. But as you know, the world is ruled by the daring, bold and arrogant. Do you really have to sacrifice everything because of your character? In fact, the character can be changed and even if it is not so easy to do, but with certain efforts you will do it.
Even if Mother Nature has not rewarded you with charisma and courage, it is never too late to change something in yourself. And for this it is not necessary to pay money for the services of psychologists. Pull yourself together, read our article and use the tips in practice. You will notice that every day you become more confident in yourself.

How to become bold and bold: practical tips

And again, your rival takes away from under the nose the guy you like ... And a colleague tells nasty things about you behind your back ... All these problems arise only because other people see your weakness and understand that you cannot do anything. Are you tired of this? It's time to change your life and the attitude of others towards you.
How can you become bold and radically change your life:
You are the best. Even if this is not the case and you have flaws, you do not need to complex and think up problems. Indeed, for sure, something works out for you much better than others. Or maybe you have the most beautiful eyes? Find a few benefits you can be proud of.
Know how to protect yourself. If you have heard that someone is insulting or discussing you, go up to that person and talk to him. Let him express all your complaints personally and justify them. People should see that you are not afraid of them and are ready to defend your interests.

A bold look and perfect posture. Do not tilt your head down and do not lower your eyes, this is the first sign of uncertainty. Keep your head straight, look at others. You also need to monitor your posture - the back is straight, no need to slouch. A confident and impudent person will never hunch over and bow his head.
Sarcasm. To make an impression of a bold personality, you need to joke more often. But this should not be childish ridiculous jokes, but adults, with a touch of irony and sarcasm. Do not overdo it, some confuse sarcasm with vulgarity and vulgarity.
Attack. If you understand that someone wants to “hook you” or say something disgusting, do it first. And of course, always answer the insult, do not leave it, otherwise the victory will not be yours.
I do not care about the opinions of others! Of course, sometimes criticism is indeed constructive and reasonable. But if you are criticized for nothing, do not pay attention. You must be the best, and the best girls do not care what they say about them.
Be active. If you can participate in some fun event, do it. Stop bored at home and wait by the sea for the weather. Take part in social events, make new friends, live life to the fullest.
Change your clothing style. It would seem, well, what have the clothes to do with it? In fact, a lot depends on your style. If you dress like a nun, your impudence and actions will cause only sarcastic smiles. Try to dress as stylish and practical as possible.
Laugh at yourself. Despite the fact that you are the best, you need to be able to "beat" yourself. Others can not stand upstarts and people with high opinion, so do not be so. It's okay if you joke about yourself and laugh with the rest.

Meet on clothes!

No need to reinvent the wheel. In order to impress others, you should take care of your appearance.

Makeup should be moderate and appropriate to the appearance: skin, hair color, in harmony with clothing. Now there is a lot of information available, both in books and on the Internet, which will allow you to look good and become attractive and confident.

Unwitting respect and interest are most often caused by clothing in a classic business style: tight-fitting not-so-short dresses / pencil skirts, jackets and suits.

Hair should always be clean and well laid, preferably having a beautiful manicure. Thinking about how to become stylish and confident, do not be afraid to change your wardrobe. Beautiful and inexpensive dresses and costumes are often sold in online stores. Also, do not forget about the shoes, which should match the clothes, be clean, without scratches and damage.

Accuracy must be combined with simplicity and positive.

A smile will come to the rescue

Arrogance and aggressiveness always generate negativity. Negative people can also be leaders. This energy is strong enough. However, a positive image and a sincere smile, have, inspire confidence. The attitude to the world is important. Look at the world without fear and aggression, perceive what is happening without negative emotions! This will allow you to be calmer and not tremble from panic with the least irritant.

Do not be afraid of obstacles. Just tell yourself: “I can do it, I can handle it.” This is a reliable way to become bold and confident.

"Do not care" does not mean indifference

It is important to try not to take your failures to heart. Whatever happens, do not despair. Fail away from failure, accept it with a smile or indifference. After each incident, you should develop rules so as not to step on the same rake the next time.

Do not look back

The propensity for introspection is not self-flagellation. With age, there comes an understanding of some things that at a younger age did not seem so important. In the past, each person has a lot of things that are unpleasant to remember. Now you have to live with it. Reflecting on how to become self-sufficient and self-confident, delving into memories, identifying errors and solving them, each girl allows herself to step to a new level of self-awareness. And this means that even for a small step, but she became closer to her dream!

Occupy your niche

The success of each of us depends on knowledge and skills. Their level largely determines the level of professionalism. An equally important component of success is a hobby. After all, success and recognition will come when you are doing your own thing.

The desire to become stylish and confident can meet obstacles. It is not so easy to take and immediately change. The main thing is not to give up!