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How to copy text in Word?


At times, you may have several blocks of text in different places that you want to copy and paste into Word. Unfortunately, Word does not offer the ability to copy text from more than one selection at a time. You can usually switch between locations by copying and pasting individual blocks into a separate Word document. Of course this works, but this method is hectic and time consuming.

Most annoying is that if you copy text from several places, when it comes to pasting, Word will only paste the contents of the last selection defaulted. However, there is a way to copy and paste text from several places at once. In this guide, we will show you two simple methods that you can use to copy and paste text from multiple selected texts into Microsoft Word.

How to copy and paste multiple texts in Microsoft Word

Method 1: Use Spike

In Microsoft Word, the clipboard has an advanced feature called Spike. This lesser-known feature allows you to copy texts from several selected items to the clipboard, and then paste them as a group into a new location. Spike is easy to use and works with both text and graphics. To use Spike, follow these steps:

1. Select the block of text you want to copy.

2. Press Ctrl + F3 to copy the text to Spike.

3. Select the next block of text that you want to copy and press Ctrl + F3 to add it to the clipboard. Repeat this process until you copy all the text blocks you want from the source document.

4. Use Ctrl + Shift + F3 to paste all the copied blocks into an empty document.

Even if you copied text from twenty different places, Spike will paste them all at once into your new document, the ones you copied first appear on top, and in that order.

This method is the simplest, but it has some limitations. For example, when you press Ctrl + F3, Spike cuts rather than copies content from the original document. However, whenever you press Ctrl + F3 to place a content block in Spike, you can use the habit of pressing Ctrl + Z to cancel the cut, and this will not remove the content from Spike.

Method 2. Using the text selection tool

You may have used the highlight knob to highlight your favorite phrases or certain sections that require special attention in a Word document. But did you know that you can also use this tool to copy and paste text from multiple selected texts in Word? I'll show you how to do it well.

1. Open the source document and select the text that you want to copy throughout the document. By default, the highlight knob is highlighted in yellow when pressed.

2. If you want to use a different color, you can select one of the available colors by clicking on it. Select all the text blocks that you want to copy in the article.

3. The next step is to search and highlight the entire selected text. To do this, press Ctrl + H. The Find and Replace dialog box appears. Click the Find tab, then select the Advanced option.

4. This will expand the dialog box and open up more options. Click the "Format" drop-down list, then select "Select" in the menu options.

5. The format of the selection will now appear under the "Find What" field. Click the "Find in" drop-down list, and then select "Main Document" from the pop-up menu.

How to copy and paste multiple texts in Microsoft Word

6. Microsoft Word will now scan the document for all selected text blocks. Then it will highlight all selected text blocks and notify you of the selected items. In my case, Word found six elements that matched my search criteria.

7. Close the dialog box, then press Ctrl + C to copy all selected text blocks.

8. Open a blank Word document. Press Ctrl + V to paste the selected selected text into a new document. Each individual text block will be inserted as a new paragraph. You will notice that the inserted content will correspond to the format that you applied, including the color that you used to highlight the text.

If you want to paste content without formatting, you can do it this way by setting options in an empty document. Instead of using the hot keys Ctrl + V, go to the paste settings on the File tab and select "Save only text."

Now your text will be inserted without highlighting or special formatting.


Copying and pasting multiple text blocks at the same time can be very useful in many scenarios. For example, you may have a long source document from which you want to copy several text excerpts. Instead of copying and pasting each text block one at a time, which is rather tedious, you can easily do it all at once if you know the tricks.

Moreover, the insertion is not limited to Microsoft Word documents, you can paste the contents into any program that accepts text, including email programs such as Outlook. Let us know if you have any problems with the above workarounds, and will be happy to help.

Problems copying text in Microsoft Word

Let's see what surprises may await you when copying text to Microsoft Word:

  • The font of the inserted text is not at all like in the document.
  • When copying in Microsoft Word, the text is set to the wrong font size.
  • When you paste text in Word, the font color and background are not right.
  • When copying text to a Word document, links remain.

Now let's try to paste text from some site into a Microsoft Word document. I think you will get something like this:

But we did not expect such a result. The letters turned out to be large, some links appeared, and the font is not at all the same. Something needs to be done with this.

How to solve the problem with copying text in Microsoft Word

Of course, you can correct the inserted text using standard formatting functions: set the font size, set the background and italics, remove hyperlinks. But, this is all long and tedious. So let computer teapots do this, we’ll do everything right and use the standard text insert function already provided in Microsoft Word.

Instructions for inserting text into a Microsoft Word document.

  • Select and copy the text we need.
  • Go to Microsoft Word, set the cursor to the place we need and click on the small arrow, which is hidden under the standard button with the function to insert text.

  • Choose a menu "Special insert". Before us appears a window like this:

  • Choose Unformatted text and press the button "OK".

After inserting the text, the font, its size and color correspond to the formatting of the rest of the document.
That's all. Good luck

Copy and paste

We highlighted the text. How to copy text in Word? There are three options.

  • Press the right mouse button, positioning the cursor on the selected area. Select the line “copy” from the menu.
  • Or hold Control and hold C (Ctrl + C).
  • At the top left in the document options is the word “copy”. Click on it.

Now you can paste the copied fragment anywhere in the document. Or paste it into a new document. Choose one of the options.

  • Right-click on the right place. Choose "paste."
  • Press Control and V (Ctrl + V)
  • At the top left, select "Paste."

We hope that you were able to copy and paste text into Word without any problems.