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How to get rid of bed fleas - methods of fighting at home

The question of how to get rid of ticks in an apartment is relevant for many. It is difficult to find a dwelling in the nooks of which there was no dust. Even by avid lovers of cleanliness. It is in dust that mites live, whose skins and excrement cause allergies and respiratory system disorders in people.

Bed fleas where they come from

An apartment, a house, and, consequently, a bed can be populated by fleas as follows:

  • 1. They are brought in with pets - this parasite enters the housing just like that in the vast majority of cases,
  • 2. From the basements - if these rooms are inhabited by cats, rodents, then in hot, dry weather fleas multiply quickly and in search of food through ventilation, any gaps can even go up to the upper floors of a multi-storey building,
  • 3. With things bought, obtained in a different way, usually used, for example, in carpets where the parasite likes to hide,
  • 4. From neighbors - if the flea's place of residence is a neighboring apartment, house, then, in search of a source of food, they can penetrate into any room, building, located nearby.

What ticks live in the house?

In most cases, house mites mean representatives of the genus Dermatophagoides - dust mites. In total there are about 150 species. The life of pests is inseparable from the human home, because insects use dead particles of human and animal skin as food. The climate is maintained stably favorable for ticks, thanks to which they feel safe and actively breed.

It is impossible to detect ticks without the help of special magnifying equipment, because they have microscopic dimensions - 0.1-0.5 mm. For this reason, their presence in the house often goes unnoticed, although the number of pests is growing rapidly, and they begin to bring serious harm to human health.

Proteins that are strong allergens are present in the feces and chitinous dust mite skins. Therefore, when they are inhaled or in contact with the skin, household members have painful symptoms:

  • sneezing cough
  • shortness of breath, rhinitis,
  • redness on the skin, accompanied by itching.

With prolonged proximity to a house tick, diseases acquire a chronic form. Therefore, you need to deal with the pest and prevent its occurrence in the room. One of the easiest ways is to call specialists who will conduct special processing of the area using strong chemicals. But this option repels many because of the need to pay and the dangers of using toxic substances in their apartment. Therefore, there are a number of measures aimed at the destruction of ticks.

Tick ​​extermination

To get rid of insects, you should conduct a radical cleaning of the entire apartment. It is important to destroy all dust deposits. The fact is that it contains dead particles of human skin and pets that daily exfoliate from the body - this is a natural process. Bacteria and fungi settle on them: they are also attractive to ticks as a nutrient. Therefore, most insects gather in dust, bedding and carpets.

Cleaning the room alone will not be enough. It will require processing of furniture and household items, as well as washing the sheets in hot water, followed by ironing at a high surface temperature of the iron.

Against ticks, it is recommended to use additional funds: folk and "store". So the result of all manipulations will be better. To ensure that ticks do not return again, you will need to constantly maintain cleanliness in the apartment at an acceptable level. You also need to remember that temperature drops and drafts are poorly tolerated, so rooms should be regularly ventilated even in the cold season.

Room processing

The “basis” is cleaning the room, including all slots and far corners. To do this, it is recommended to take out all unnecessary things (they also need to be cleaned of dust and processed), including carpets. Curtains and other home textiles also go to the laundry. You need to try to free the room as much as if it needs to be redecorated. To access the skirting boards, furniture is pushed from the walls.

You need to start cleaning from above. If done differently, then the dust and mites will fall down to the already washed area.

A sample list of tasks:

  1. Fold all corners, skirting under the ceiling and walls.
  2. Wipe the curtain rod and lighting fixtures.
  3. Remove dust from hard surfaces of furniture.
  4. Wipe the window frame and door jamb.
  5. Flush hard-to-reach areas with radiators.
  6. Wash the floor and skirting boards.
  7. Airing the room.

If the room has sections of wallpaper lagging behind the walls, then ticks can hide behind them. Therefore, if possible, you should put a "patch" or glue them.

Additional funds

To achieve a better effect, you should not use simple water, but solutions of chemical and improvised agents, or essential oils. They have disinfecting properties, which is necessary in the vicinity of dust mites. For example, you can use:

    Bleach. Today, chlorine can be bought at any hardware store or department of a supermarket: it is present in the popular White or ACE bleach. To prepare the cleaning fluid, dilute a little chlorine in a bucket of water, and then mix the solution well. In addition, you can purchase directly “bleach” in the form of a powder, and then dilute it in accordance with the instructions. Such liquids are traditionally used to disinfect rooms for various purposes, including medical ones. The only drawback of bleach can be called a pungent odor, so you will have to ventilate the apartment after its use. Also, when cleaning, you need to work, protecting your hands with gloves.

It is recommended to use these products not only for mopping, but also for processing hard surfaces of furniture, cornices, chandeliers, etc. If the surface of an object often comes into contact with human skin (for example, a desktop), then it should be treated with a solution of “folk” means (salt, soda and essential oil), or after treatment with chemistry after a while, wipe with a damp cloth. Chemicals can cause an allergic skin reaction.

To combat home ticks, you can use the technique. For example, an air purifier or a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter.

What does flea bed look like?

Without a microscope, all fleas that enter a person’s bed look similar - they are a small insect, 1-3 mm long, brown in color. Young individuals may be black. This is how adults all over the world look. In addition, this pest has such forms as an egg, a larva, a cocoon, a chrysalis - from which adult fleas emerge. If the apartment, the house is inhabited by this insect, then it will not confirm the fact of its presence, then how they look, but their jumping ability. This parasite is able to disappear imperceptibly to the human eye, any other insect penetrating into the bed of a person can not repeat. Fleas look like lice (the sizes coincide), but the latter live in the hair, while the former do not tend to get there.

Processing of household items and clothing

Soft toys, bedspreads, mattresses, clothes, etc. collect a lot of dust, therefore they are also a haven for ticks. They are processed like this:

  1. Everything that can be washed in hot water is sent to the washing machine. There are special additives-acaricides with anti-allergenic effects.
  2. After drying things, they should be ironed at high temperature.
  3. All carpets, mattresses, blankets and rugs are carried outside and well knocked out. Then they are left in the open air for several hours. This is especially effective in summer and winter, because ticks are afraid of high and low temperatures.
  4. One option is irradiation with an ultraviolet lamp.

Also, things can be sprayed with special sprays with a natural composition. The use of poisonous pesticides is not recommended, because households will come into contact with them. Exceptions are floor coverings - special sprays and aerosols with acaricidal effect have been released for them.

How to detect bed fleas

Even knowing how fleas look, it is not always possible to visually detect them, but the fact that such a parasite appeared in the housing indicates such signs:

1. The presence of excrement in animal hair, also these dark particles are clearly visible if the bed is white,

2. Constantly appearing bites on the legs. Moreover, the bite is not single - if the parasite is not detected and driven away, then it will leave 3-4 characteristic traces on the human body (red spot with a dark dot inside). Moreover, the parasite that penetrated the house to hunt around the clock,

3. Concern for domestic animals - in most cases, fleas bite them and this is usually the first evidence that the apartment, the house is inhabited by them and that it is time to get rid of such a pest,

4. Larvae - under the baseboards, in the garbage, in other secluded places, which the apartment always abounds in, the house can be found sedentary translucent small caterpillar. These are insect larvae. Which jump perfectly when they have paws.

A bed, a bed can become a dwelling of a pest only if washing, cleaning, airing of linen and other things, premises in general, with a large amount of garbage are not performed for a long time.

Furniture processing

The hard surface of furniture - shelves, tables, cabinets - is wiped off with dust with a damp cloth. It is advisable to moisten it with a solution that produces a disinfecting effect.

If furniture with doors or drawers is processed, then they need to be opened (extended) in order to dry and ventilate well.

Things are more difficult with soft surfaces. There are few ways to get rid of ticks on the couch. It is undesirable to wet such furniture, because it will dry out for a very long time and mold may start. The use of chemicals is also not recommended. Therefore, the optimal way to treat beds, sofas and armchairs is to use an aerosol and a spray with a natural composition. The solid body can be treated with a disinfectant solution. Before cleaning, you need to “walk” well with a dust beater on the surface of the sofa.

Bed fleas how to get rid of?

When fleas bite a person, then it's time to get rid of them, for which you need to do the following:

1. Etch insects on the body of animals - this can be done using shampoos Mr.Bruno, Beaphar, Celandine, sprays Hartz, Bars, Blokhnet, drops on the withers of Stronghold, Frontline,

2. Put on a pet anti-flea collar - since the apartment, house are still possibly infected with a parasite of this type, this precaution will help protect the cat and dog from reinfection,

3. Perform a general cleaning - moreover, with shaking, washing, and airing the substrates in the places where animals, carpets, and bedspreads are lying. All linen, bed should be cleaned, garbage is removed from the crevices of sofas, beds.

If the apartment, house were slightly affected, then, most likely, it will turn out to get rid of the pest by the indicated measures. If fleas bite further, and the bites look like a red spot with a dark dot inside, then the fight should continue.

An apartment, a house can be protected with the help of folk methods, for example, the parasite does not like the smells of tansy, wormwood, orange. Plants or peel of citrus should be spread out in places of potential habitat of insects, under mattresses, places of laying of animals, a person’s bed. But you need to know that the property is thus not sufficiently protected. If you can’t get rid of the pest in this way, you will need to use a chemical agent.

Get rid of bed fleas at home

Most effective will help get rid of pests that bite, poison will help, such a drug can be Tetris, Cucaracha, Cifox, Get.

You can poison an insect with the help of specialists or on your own. In the latter case, you need to understand that the poisons are quite toxic and when the treatment takes place, the apartment, the house should be freed from animals, unused people. The use of protective equipment is mandatory (respirators, tight clothing, goggles) - this is the main condition for the use of chemicals. In order to successfully get rid of the insect, it is required to dilute any indicated product with water, pour it into the spray bottle and spray it in places where the pest shelters. The parasite can live behind skirting boards, other similar shelters, in carpets, etc.

In order to get rid of such an insect in a room, windows and doors must be closed for several hours. If a person knows what the pests that bite look like and are sure that they are fleas, and they live localized, for example, in an armchair, sofa, then it can be treated with aerosols (Raptor, Combat). In addition, any given tool has a more pleasant smell than the above professional poisons. Bed, other similar things should not be sprayed with such drugs.

How to get rid of lice and ticks folk remedies

If ticks appeared in housing, then to get rid of them you can use one of the effective folk methods. According to the recipe, you need to mix a spoonful of freshly squeezed lemon juice with 0.5 l of water, add a few drops of lavender essential oil. Then this mixture is treated with a mattress, a bed. Moreover, on the bed, other objects, the liquid should be sprayed, and not pour in drops.

Another folk method:

You can get rid of the parasite (tick, fleas) by freezing, that is, taking out a mattress, a bed in the cold. It is always important to know what the pests look like or you can not be treated for what you need, and at that time. when the parasites bite further.

When lice are found that bite a person, then, if possible, it is better to cut your hair. But even if there is no desire, rub the geranium oil, pomegranate juice, cranberry juice, vinegar with salt, a mixture of kerosene with any vegetable oil (1:10). Oil of burdock, lavender, eucalyptus will also help get rid of the parasite. If lice bite further, you can use a mercury ointment, it is toxic, but effective. As in any case, you need to know what the lice look like or the treatment may be wrong, as it may turn out to be a bug, and it is displayed in a different way.

Special tools

To facilitate the fight against house ticks, special tools are released. They have acaricidal effects, destroying ticks, and reduce the level of allergic danger. For example, this:

  1. Allergoff spray, containing permethrin and benzyl benzoate, chemical poisonous substances. They kill dust mites, while the effect persists for a long time - about six months. Such a spray has low toxicity, so it is considered safe for humans and animals.
  2. Allergoff Laundry is available in powder form, packaged in bags. Contains benzyl benzoate, reiproxyphene and benzyl alcohol. Suitable for both hand and machine wash at temperatures from 10 ° C to 60 ° C. Linen protection lasts 3 months.
  3. EASY AIR - You can find a concentrate, spray and additive. Suitable for cleaning rooms and handling personal items. Contains no pesticides.
  4. Aerosol "Milbiol" with azadirachtin obtained from melia seed oil. The composition is natural, so the tool can also be used to treat a bed, mattress, pillow, etc. In addition, the aerosol has an attractive cost

The price of such funds is very diverse. For example, spray 3. EASY AIR costs about 1,500 rubles, while similar in effect and also free of pesticides "Milbiol" is much cheaper.

To prevent the ticks from reappearing in the house, you need to keep the premises clean: wipe the dust in a timely manner and mop the floors. It also requires periodic general cleaning with furniture moving away, knocking out carpets and mattresses. If life in the same area with ticks has led to health problems, then you need an examination with a doctor who will prescribe competent treatment.