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Cilaciles: Mexican Cuisine (Recipe)

Chilakiles is an easy-to-cook Mexican dish that is most often served in Mexico for breakfast. This is my Mexican friend Melissa's favorite breakfast. In her mother’s house, I first tried chilakiles and it was her mother who taught me how to cook them. This dish is the quintessence of the Mexican philosophy of cooking. Nothing should be thrown away, but always delicious. The remains of Mexican tortillas, which have already lost their freshness, are fried until golden and served with a spicy tomato Mexican sauce, which is found in every Mexican cuisine, probably like in most Ukrainian cuisines, with mayonnaise, and with leftover chicken, baked or from broth. Chilakiles is a delicious way to use leftovers!

Depending on the region of Mexico, the triangles of fried tortillas can be crispy, that is, they are only stuck in a warm sauce, but not dipped, or completely soft, as in the city of Guadalajara, in the north-west of Mexico. The triangles are stewed in the sauce until they swell and almost boil. This version of chilakiles is a cross between two cooking methods, originally from the city of Monterrey, where my Mexican girlfriend is from.

Although it is customary to cook chilakiles for breakfast, this is a great dish for friendly gatherings. Especially if you don’t fill all the browned tortilla triangles with sauce, and leave some to pick up the sauce with chicken and cheese, like a spoon.

Do not use store tortillas for this dish. Those ready-made tortillas that can be found here have little resemblance to real Mexican tortillas. They are too soft, they have a lot of sugar (in real tortillas there is no sugar at all) and they simply do not burn faster than they become crispy. You need to use either the remnants of home-made tortillas, wheat or corn, or buy Persian pita bread, it is round and somewhat thicker than Armenian and use it. Armenian pita bread is too thin to support the weight of the sauce and chicken after browning.

  • 4-5 mexican tortillas, cut into triangles
  • 100 ml of vegetable oil
  • 300 ml Mexican tomato sauce, warm
  • 1 small boiled or baked chicken breast, warm, tear with your hands, split into fibers
  • 50 grams of feta cheese (queso fresco original), crumble
  • 3 tbsp sour cream 15%

1) Heat a vegetable oil in a large pan. Put in triangles tortillas triangles and brown.

2) Spread the browned tortillas on a plate covered with a paper towel.

3) Put a little browned tortilla triangles on a serving plate, pour the sauce on top, put chicken meat on the sauce, sprinkle with sour cream and sprinkle evenly with cheese. On the sides, insert the rest of the toasted tortilla triangles.

What to do with all this?

  • Put water, sauce and chopped chicken (in my case, mushrooms) in a deep pan and cook over low heat. Given that the chicken is ready, you just need to wait until the mixture has warmed up well.
  • Add the corn chips to the mixture and mix. Wait until the chips become soft, but do not let them become completely “liquid”. Remove the pan from the heat.
  • Add one and a half cups of cheese to the mixture.
  • Put everything on the serving plate for the microwave.
  • Add tomatoes and onions.
  • Sprinkle with the remaining cheese.
  • Put in the microwave for 1 minute, if necessary - a little more, until the mixture is covered with a golden crust (I, by the way, didn’t even get covered in three minutes).
  • Remove the dish from the microwave and let cool for 10 minutes, then add other ingredients such as sour cream and guacamole (avocado pulp sauce).

That's all! Delicious and satisfying chilakiles ready to eat))

Bon appetit, dear readers!