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Military boots

1. Park

It will perfectly fit into the usual wardrobe and will become an integral part of your image this fall.

What to wear: with just about anything, but best with jeans, gray or olive trousers, berets, sneakers, or brown boots.

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2. Bomber

For a long time, no one perceives a bomber jacket as a military clothing, and this jacket is used by pilots. This season, the bomber is more popular than ever, and it’s hard to imagine a more comfortable thing in the fall.

What to wear: trousers with pockets or jeans, rude boots are perfect for a bomb, and do not forget about accessories.

3. Heavy shoes

Leather boots with laces and rivets are a must have for all men this fall. Convenience and practicality are the main criteria for choosing. Bertsa, or their more lightweight models, will be ideal companions for both autumn and winter.

What to wear: pants with pockets, a parka and wool gloves are your choice for this look.

4. Cargo pants

Wide, narrowed, tight or light - the famous pants with patch pockets this fall - certainly should be at the top of your wardrobe this fall. Choose a dark green, traditional sand or olive color.

What to wear:Parka and berets perfectly complement this bow. Want to experiment? Combine with a shirt and a jacket or vest.

5. Overcoat

One of the main trends of the fall, a typical army thing, thanks to fashion designers, has found a new breath this season. It should be in every men's wardrobe. And let there be more buttons, pockets and other elements.

What to wear: with everyday outfit, wear it with trousers of any cut, sweaters and shirts - you will not lose.

6. Pilot jacket

A leather jacket with fur and pockets worn by pilots is a universal thing for any wardrobe. It looks amazing with almost any outfit.

What to wear:with anything but sportswear is still undesirable.


During World War II, most soldiers of the warring parties wore either boots with windings (RKKA), or boots (RKKA), or low laced boots (Wehrmacht, US Army, Great Britain). However, for paratroopers, such shoes were of little use, since they did not protect against foot injuries when landing with a parachute. For the needs of the parachute assault, high laced boots were developed.

After World War II, NATO armies gradually began to use military boots as the main type of army footwear. In particular, the U.S. Army began moving from the M-1943 low boots to the Corcoran black leather boots in 1957 and ended during the Vietnam War.

The Soviet Army until the end of its existence continued to use boots. At the end of 2007, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the transition from boots to military boots. The transition process was delayed, among other things, for financial reasons: military boots cost more than boots, but wear out faster.

Due to the special climatic and natural conditions of Russia, it will not be possible to completely abandon boots (tarpaulin, leather, rubber, and felt), and for military units deployed in the Far North, new shoes with special insulation will be provided. In addition, since 2006, universal camouflage sneakers have appeared in the wardrobe of a fighter of the Russian army.

There are winter, demi-season and summer berets. In summer, a mesh cloth with high abrasion resistance, which allows air to pass through, is used.

Military boots are used as hiking boots, as well as laser tag players, airsoft, hardball, and less commonly paintball. They are popular with people who need comfortable and wearing shoes that are suitable for slush and dirt. It is also worth noting that berets use for their image various subcultures (metalworkers, bikers, skinheads, punks, etc.). Military boots are also used by builders, and for the same purposes as the military.

Army boots are simply designed to wear them with dresses

Let's start with the most fashionable combination of all, that is, army boots and dresses. When you are looking for a dress that will fit with your killer boots, look for either the most standard feminine dress or a simple little black dress with a flared line, as the contrast between clothes and shoes will instantly give you an image of a fashionista that will be hard to forget.

Ruffles around the edge of the dress, sleeves-lanterns, a cascade of ruffles, floral patterns and polka dot prints are the things that are allowed here!

As for lines, cuts, and lengths, always remember that proportion is the key. Try to keep the length of the dress above the knee, as this is the best option that works with berets.

If you feel that your figure will not be properly emphasized with a dress and a pair of army boots (we think that this will not happen, but we know that someone will still feel at ease), we recommend either choosing a small black dress (especially mini!) with black tights and black berets, or a pair of leggings of the same color as the dress (if the dress is multi-colored, leggings close in color to the shade of the shoes are also perfect) This trick will immediately make your figure slimmer, and of course you will like it!

Army boots with shorts

Another good way to look cool, relaxed and slim is to wear berets with denim shorts (denim miniskirt is also suitable) You just need to fill up the shirt, or, alternatively, tie its ends into a knot, like a real cowboy girl. Your silhouette will ultimately look perfectly balanced, so you don’t have to be afraid of unflattering reviews.

Sweater dress + army boots

A sweater dress is not only a hit of the winter season, but also looks great with berets. A warm and elegant sweater dress gives us the opportunity to simply use it as a minimalist base and to entertain ourselves with a selection of accessories every day all winter. Shoes, of course, are also considered an accessory.

If you are looking for an everyday glamorous look, get a good light sweater dress, combine it with black tights (or leggings) and a pair of black army boots (better studded), and you will end up with a universal, always suitable outfit.

Army boots and faux leather

One of the favorite principles of contrast involves the combination of fabrics and materials.

If you are going to get a good pair of black leather army boots, we suggest pairing them with either a faux leather mini skirt or leggings from the same material. So you will not only get an instant look in the style of glamorous rock, but also a slim figure, and what else do you need to have a good evening?

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A few rules for those who decide to wear army boots

  • If your whole image is black, try diluting it with a pastel colored item, whether it be a scarf, hat, belt or handbag. In addition, you can also choose for yourself a brilliant accessory!
  • Wear berets while traveling! Army boots are a fantastic way to maintain a stylish but comfortable look while traveling, so be sure to bring them with you to the airport!
  • Do not select an entire military-style look if this is not a special case. Camouflage trousers and jackets paired with army boots will certainly come in handy for a theme event, but, as casual wear, will look rather doubtful.
  • Do not wear berets with flared trousers or jeans, including those in the style of a boyfriend, as they will visually add weight to the lower part of your body. Only skinny jeans and trousers should be paired with army boots.
  • Never wear berets with classic trousers, as in the end you will look funny.
  • One final tip: if in doubt, just wear berets with a flannel shirt!

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Military shoes - what to wear?

The great advantage of military boots is their universality : They can be worn in any season, combined with suitable clothing. They are comfortable and practical : military boots with high berets reliably fix the ankle joint, which not only minimizes the risk of tendon stretching, but also relieves additional stress, and even with long walks the legs get tired much less.

If you want to create a feminine look, you can combine high military boots with dress. The optimal length is above the knee. You can wear a light dress with a floral print or lace dress, this will create a romantic look. And you can combine shoes with a dress in the style of khaki, complemented by a belt and shoulder straps.

In summer, you can wear military boots with denim shortsemphasizing the beauty and harmony of the legs. And in cool weather, you can complement the kit with an extended cardigan.

Perhaps the most logical and simple combination is berets with skinny jeans or black pants. In addition, military boots can be worn with leggings or tight printed trousersComplementing the look with a plain t-shirt and a voluminous scarf. And you can wear them with ripped jeansturning up the cuffs and showing off his boots in all its glory.

Military shoes go well with skirts. For example, a set of mini skirts, jacket, pantyhose and scarf - a great solution for cool days. However, another option is also possible, which may be relevant both in cool and rather warm weather: berets worn with flared skirt and a strict shirt with buttons.

And here is the “hello from the 90s” kit, which was especially popular grunge style: a checkered shirt and a denim jacket over it. You can complement with tight trousers or jeans shorts. If you want to experiment, you can put on tights under the shorts. Such an image, reminiscent of the 90s, still remains quite modern and stylish.

Military boots: invalid combinations

Despite the fact that the choice of clothing, combined with high army boots with laces, is quite large, there are still some limitations, and you need to know about them.

  • Do not combine berets with flared trousers or jeans. Only narrow or straight fit.
  • Do not wear military boots with a tracksuit.
  • Classic trousers and military-style boots do not combine.

Wearing military boots, you can always emphasize your femininity. At the same time, these shoes are very comfortable, especially if you need to go a considerable distance.